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  1. Nenen

    What's essential for an RPG-Lite?

    I'm in the concept stage of developing and designing my current project (one map challenge) and I was thinking of making it not quite fit the RPG genre; for example, having minimal combat; which got me thinking. What elements really make an RPG? And so what would essential elements for an...
  2. Nenen

    What RM-Game(s) are You hyped about?

    We're all going through a tough time right now, so we can all use something positive... And many of us already know about big triple A games that get announced... So I thought it might be nice to show some love for RPGMaker creators by sharing their games that we can't wait to play. Some...
  3. Nenen

    What makes a good hacking system?

    I'm trying to design a unique hacking system, possibly using the confines of the VX Ace Lite turn-based combat system (lots of changes) possibly another way. So my first step was to think about what others have done in games, I mostly just had triple A titles, so... I've played quite a few...
  4. Nenen

    Image not Loaded, contact administrator

    I was setting up a resource thread, but when I tried to load an image, it errored out. Both image options didn't work... The error message told me to contact administrators so... here I am.

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Making good progress with the second chapter. :)

Still work in progress.

(Real life, it is chronically the fourth chapter that I am making.)
constructionworkconcept.pngezgif-2-0acb620ecf8d.gifezgif-2-afeaf16ebb8d.gif "The Great Wall is great. But, most people can only be the slaves who built it, leaving their bones underneath that wall. They spent their whole life to build that wall and the empire, an empire that enslaves them." :kaoswt2: I'm just going to turn it into a modern-day sad tale.

No edits, just gameplay from one area to the next. Plus all my new shiny interface stuff... And I even remember to bolt down the portal so it won't escape this time. :kaopride:
You guys just freely offer up your Autonomy?
I don't know about you, but today the covid frustration is seriously getting to me. Haven't really seen many of my friends for two years, since i moved towns the year before this all started, and well, i miss them :(
so, here's a cute alpacaraptor sketch to heighten the mood:

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