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  1. Eliaquim

    Eli Enemy Class - They now have Levels, Exp, Equipments and Class!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Do you ever want to give your enemies more complexity? Or even have more control over them? That is your plugin! With this, you will be able to customize a lot of things! Can give classes to enemies, level, exp, and equipment! *It's compatible with...
  2. Eliaquim

    Eli Dynamic Parameters - Change parameter values dynamically with states and equipment note tags!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction If the actor has state id X he gains a +10 attack boost! Easy? But if the actor has class id X and is equipped with weapon Id X and also has state id X, then he will have a +50 ATK boost! Not too complicated? If an actor has a state id X, and his level is...
  3. Eliaquim

    Eli (Item / Skill / Equip) Sounds - Play unique sounds for each!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Isn't strange that you have the same sound for drinking a potion or eating bread? Or wear armor to make the same sound as put a ring? If you think so, this plugin is for you! It lets you play unique sounds for when you use different items or skills through...
  4. Eliaquim

    Eli Animated Faces - Animate the message box faces!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction • Inspired by the messaging system of Shining Force 1 and 2 (Sega Genesis) this plugin enables you to use animated faces in the message box. Features ● Animated faces in the message box. ● Different animations for when the message box is writing and when it...
  5. Eliaquim

    Eli Face Window - Show the face image of the message box in a different window!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Showing the faces of the characters in the message window is cool! But sometimes it can get in the way of calculating the size of the text we write. Or perhaps, you may want to show the character's face elsewhere on your game screen. This plugin will help you...
  6. Eliaquim

    Eli Change Window Skin - Set them individually, per scene or for all windows in game!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction • Sometimes you will need to use a different window skin for windows. It can be a different menu, or even when changing the party leader. This plugin is for you! You can change the window skin for all windows or individual ones. Features ● Set different...
  7. Eliaquim

    RMMZ Eli Mobile Controls - Responsive on screen buttons for mobile games!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Hi makers! Well, I'm developing this plugin for a long time, and decide to release its beta version for everyone. Because instead of trying to guess everything that you will like on this plugin, I do prefer to get your feedback this time :) So the download already has a...
  8. Eliaquim

    Eli Extra Map Scroll - Add extra scroll space to the map

    Author: Hakuen Studio Features ● Adds extra tile space for the map to scroll. How to use Put a note tag on your map notes: <ExtraScroll: x, y> Replace X and Y with the extra scroll value. You can also set only <ExtraScroll> - Then it will take the plugin parameter value. If you put, for...
  9. Eliaquim

    Eli Exp By Level - Receive Exp according to level difference between Enemy and Actor!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction After setting an experience value for the enemy, this enemy will give that same amount of experience, and there is no way to change that. This plugin aims to implement a system where the actor will gain experience according to the difference in level between...
  10. Eliaquim

    Eli Self Variables - Set self variables to events and use it anywhere!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Keep track of a lot of different variables can let you more sensitive to make a mistake. That's why self variables come in handy! It works like self switches, but you can use numbers instead of just true/false(ON/OFF). And just use one variable in a lot of...
  11. Eliaquim

    Eli Button Common Events - Assign/bind common events to your keyboard keys!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction This plugin lets you bind common events to any keyboard button via plugin parameters or plugin commands! Features ● Bind common event to keys. ● Remove common events from these keys. ● Can do it through plugin parameters or plugin commands. How to use The...
  12. Eliaquim

    Eli Picture Sub Folder - Can show pictures inside subfolders made in the default picture folder!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction If you use a lot of pictures in your game, you certainly thought it would be easier to organize them into subfolders within the pictures folder. This plugin allows you to use subfolders to display your pictures. Features • Adds the possibility to show...
  13. Eliaquim

    Eli Self Switches - Adds more self switches to events and better control for all of them!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction You know that you can enable/disable self switches from an event page. But if you want to turn on/off a self switch of other events you will have to use the script call. The thing is that not everyone is familiar with the script call command. This plugin...
  14. Eliaquim

    Eli Pictures - Enhance the default picture event command to do more simple or complex commands.

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction When using pictures, sometimes you may want to show or move them in a more complex way. But the only place you can be free is changing/setting the x and y position through variables. This plugin adds an enhanced show/move pictures command where you can do...
  15. Eliaquim

    Eli Easing Pictures - Add the Robert Penner easing animation to pictures!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction By default, RPG Maker MZ comes with only 4 types of easing animations: Linear - Standard movement. Slow Start - In Quad Slow End - Out Quad Slow Start/End - In/Out Quad Although that is great, when comparing with MV, it could also be better! This plugin adds...
  16. Eliaquim

    Eli Teleport Player - Just by clicking on the screen!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction This plugin lets you teleport the player when you click/touch on the screen. Features • Teleport the player clicking on the screen. How to use You can enable the teleport via click with plugin commands. NOTE: It will only work if it is a valid...
  17. Eliaquim

    Eli Zoom - Add plugin command to use the default zoom function

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction By default, RPG Maker MZ comes with zoom functions in his code. But it doesn't seem to have an event command for that. This plugin adds plugin commands to use the default zoom with some nice options! Features ● Zoom in events, player,s or followers. ● Zoom...
  18. Eliaquim

    Eli Map Select - Easy and simple fast travel!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Sometimes to test a game, we have to restart the playtest several times to transfer from one map to another. Or create events on each map to perform the transfer. This plugin solves this problem by creating a map selection scene, where you can choose to...
  19. Eliaquim

    Eli Static Exp - Same exp value for every level up!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Just a simple plugin that makes the exp for the next level by a static value. Features • Set a static exp value that the actors will need to have to level up. How to use Just config the plugin parameter. You can choose a static value per class id too...
  20. Eliaquim

    Eli Hold Fade - Stops the automatically fade in when transfer maps.

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Have you ever felt the need to start a map faded out, to configure some events or images without the player seeing? It is true that when transferring from a map to another, you can use fadeout on the previous one and fade in on the current map(But not if it...

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