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  1. TheoAllen

    Characters count is annoying

    I just get back to the forum, and I found out that there is a new character counter at the bottom right of the reply box. When I have a long reply, it just blocks some of my text. I thought it was from Grammarly since I have that addon. But that does not seem to appear elsewhere (and by...
  2. TheoAllen

    RMVXA [RSE] Eremidia: Rise of the Deep - Boss Rush Version

    Lore: Welcome to the Hall of Pawnsmoor. A place that holds the record of many heroes from many tales across the world. You're nobody. You're just an incarnation of one of the heroes with the same name. You may be imperfect. Some of your abilities may not actually resemble the real hero. Perhaps...
  3. TheoAllen

    Older makers are getting end of support. What does this imply?

    From the official JP twitter And the blog And from the google translate This is a rough translation, but I would assume that the "games" means the software. Maybe someone with a...
  4. TheoAllen

    Move Toward Player uses Pathfinding

    About: Change the behavior of the "move toward player" move route command to use pathfinding. Preview: The code: Game_Character.prototype.moveTowardPlayer = function() { const d = this.findDirectionTo($gamePlayer.x, $gamePlayer.y) this.moveStraight(d); }...
  5. TheoAllen

    Theo - Selection Highlight Customization

    About: You want to customize the selection highlight. Preview: Faster blinking Flashing Persistent highlight Download: Save as a new JS file. Terms of Use: Read here I hope you find this useful.
  6. TheoAllen

    Theo - Target Selection Consistency. Area of effect needs a selection phase too.

    About: The default RMMZ design skips the selection phase if the skill is not a single target or if targets the user. This saves click if you're using a default turn-based. But takes away the confirmation phase if you are using a turn system that makes the actor acts instantly after you input a...
  7. TheoAllen

    Theo - Stacking States

    About: You want to stack the same state x times Use <stack: n> to determine the maximum stack you can use. Preview: Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read here I hope you find this useful.
  8. TheoAllen

    Theo - Drain Rate Customization

    About: Because you want to drain HP less or more than the damage dealt. Preview: How to use: Use this tag in the skill/item note box. The number is in percent. Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read here A thing to note: Because the change does not get reflected in the battle...
  9. TheoAllen

    Theo - Pathfinding, Move Route Generator

    About: This plugin generates the shortest move route for you. Because you're too lazy to do it yourself. Preview: Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read here P.S: The code is kinda fragile. Tell me if something is broken, I'll try to fix it. I hope you find this useful
  10. TheoAllen

    Theo - Region Passability Rules

    About: Restrict the event's movement to a certain region or terrain tag. Because you don't want this to happen. Features: Using a specific region id will not let the event pass even when the through checkmark is ON. Keep the event within a region. This will bypass the passability...
  11. TheoAllen

    Theo - Crisis Tone Effect

    About: You're about to die, you see everything in grayscale (or any color that you want) Features: Screen tone change on the crisis (HP below 20% or other value). Play (soft) flash when entering a crisis state. Play (dramatic) sound effect when entering a crisis state. Preview: Download...
  12. TheoAllen

    Theo - Debug Battle Test

    About: Added 4 debug buttons in the battle with the following effect Kill switch/instant victory Recover HP Recover MP/TP Set HP to 1 and set MP/TP to 0 Preview: Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read here
  13. TheoAllen

    RMMZ Free Turn Battle [WIP]

    About: Free Turn Battle is a type of turn system that you command your party member in any order that you want and they will instantly act until you command all of them. This is my favorite turn system ever. And I found no free plugin that does this in MZ. So I made my own. Because of that sole...
  14. TheoAllen

    Theo - Debug Fast forward

    About: You're getting sick watching the same scene over 1000 times. Features: Accelerates the game speed when you do the following Hold press a button (Default F, configurable). Press a button (Default G, configurable) to toggle the acceleration ON/OFF. Put the event commands between two...
  15. TheoAllen

    Theo - Actor and Enemy Metadata

    About: You want to tag an enemy as a flying enemy and also want to increase the damage to the enemy if you're using a ranged weapon but you don't want to do the following: > Use element rate only for that reason. > Use a complicated state workaround by applying a state to a certain enemy and...
  16. TheoAllen

    Theo - Auto Variable Value

    About: You want the value of variable value is dynamically changed based on JS code and you hate using the parallel common event for various reasons. How to use: Encapsulate your code in {} Put them as a variable name. (You can only use one JS statement) Example: { $gamePlayer.x } Screen...
  17. TheoAllen

    RMMZ Should I worry about creating too many sprites and causes lag?

    Back in RGSS3, creating too many sprites may cause lag and I had to create a nasty workaround to prevent lag. But I once tried to create 300 events in MV trying to cause a map lag, didn't happen, at least on my end (only a slight frameskip but no FPS drop). But that was like 2 years ago if I...
  18. TheoAllen

    Theo - Physical/Magical attack that always hit (Not Certain Hit)

    About: I don't like how they implement the "certain hit" type. Because it bypasses PDR and MDR. I want my skill to always hit (means, you can not dodge this with EVA or MEV) but without ignoring PDR or MDR. How to use: Tag your physical/magical skill with <always hit> Download: Save as a new...
  19. TheoAllen

    Theo - Skill and Item Reordering

    About: You don't like how RPG Maker sorts the item based on the ID and you want to change that. But you have no idea how. Sample usage: Suppose that this is what it looks like in the database But you rearrange them in the skill window How to use: Tag your item/skill/weapons/armors with...
  20. TheoAllen

    Theo - Multiple POV Inventory System

    About: Suppose that you want to change the point of view for narrative reasons. You changed all the party members, but the inventory item from the previous party stays. And you don't want that. This plugin lets you save the inventory data from the party and you can reload it later in time for...

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