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  1. Jomarcenter

    Older makers are getting end of support. What does this imply?

    SO basically they just getting rid of the personal information portion of the registration?
  2. Jomarcenter

    MJMJS - Title Logo MZ

    Looking for the MV Version? go here---> MJM Title Logo Plugin 1.0 (for MZ) Based on the old MJMJS - BASIC title logo plugin now comes a MZ version which is recoded for MZ complete compatibility NOTE: It is...
  3. Jomarcenter

    Gotcha Gotcha Games? and crediting

    gonna wait for a official statement tho.
  4. Jomarcenter

    Gotcha Gotcha Games? and crediting

    So since the entire RPG maker Software is now under Gotcha Gotcha Games ( ) Do we need to update credits from Kadokawa/Enterbrain/or whatever they gonna called next in the future to whatever now owned RPG maker like Gotcha Gotcha Games And also Can someone give me a...
  5. Jomarcenter

    Am I understanding the EULA for MZ correctly? here the website. it 100% owned by kadokawa.
  6. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ All MZ Plugin Parameters

    probably it been placed on the Useful development tools section of the forums. I may have to ask a mod to move it to Learning JavaScript section.
  7. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ All MZ Plugin Parameters

    Alright I have already have modify the list it should be up on Visual Studio Marketplace. so it now include MZ parameters and blocks. But to prevent misuse or I just documented it as being incomplete documented.
  8. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ All MZ Plugin Parameters

    we don't have a proper English documentation?
  9. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ All MZ Plugin Parameters

    Hello I am currently updating the MV visual studio parameter files and started to work on MZ specific set. I want what is added to MZ so I can make a major update on the file. as...
  10. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ What are the parameter type options?

    If your still having trouble I have made a snippets set for visual studio code that basically have all the parameter fully setup Its originally made for MV but I am updating the...
  11. Jomarcenter

    did an update on MZ happened?

    did an update on MZ happened?
  12. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker Javascript Snippet for plugin developement

    I am currently determine the best course of action for MZ. it either a new plugin or a minor tweak and update to this plugin to make MZ compatibility and include MZ specific snippets. Edit: The plugin has been updated now it have been renamed to RPGMaker Javascript series
  13. Jomarcenter

    Were working on updates on Plugin Generator and determining the best course of action for the MV...

    Were working on updates on Plugin Generator and determining the best course of action for the MV snippet VS code plugin.
  14. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker MV plugin Generator for plugin developement version 0.3.0

    A update is in production for all RPG Maker Visual studio plugin set for MZ users
  15. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ RPG Maker MZ is now AVAILABLE!

    I was expected the RPG maker website would change to match the design aspect of the Japanese site
  16. Jomarcenter

    game not yet up?

    game not yet up?
  17. Jomarcenter

    30 Minute left

    30 Minute left
  18. Jomarcenter

    @Shaz it have some special page...

    @Shaz it have some special page and everything
  19. Jomarcenter

    wait you can buy RPG Maker MZ in DLSITE?

    wait you can buy RPG Maker MZ in DLSITE?

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