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  1. mishakoc

    Player and events walking behind/under walls

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to let player and events walk behind walls and from one room to another without awkward holes in the ceiling. You will need Yanfly's Core Engine - required for the two plugins to work Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads - don't forget to add Doodads.json to your...
  2. mishakoc

    Kids and RPG Maker

    So I successfully managed to get my little brother (9) hooked up on RPG Maker again (yay!). Even though he doesn't understand what most event commands mean, can't use variables or switches (only self switches) and doesn't really touch database because he doesn't understand English at all, he's...
  3. mishakoc

    Drawing character busts

    Hello! (Hopefully, I posted in the right forum, I wasn't sure where this topic belonged but general discussion seems to be the closest.) I've been drawing a lot of character busts lately and came across a slight problem which I hope someone here can help with, give some pointers or opinions on...
  4. mishakoc

    Hello, hello, hello!

    Hi everyone! I'm a 22-year-old girl from the Czech Republic (middle Europe), currently a university student. As many (most) people here, I've been playing and wanting to make computer games since I was a little child and even made some stupid ones maybe 10 years ago. I've picked up MV almost 2...
  5. mishakoc

    Steam Beta v1.5.1 not available anymore?

    Hello! I've noticed that the beta version of MV I've been using - v1.5.1 - is not available on Steam anymore (it was there yesterday and everything worked fine). For that reason, my RPG Maker updated to the most recent version and some things are not working properly anymore. Since I've been...
  6. mishakoc

    Check follower direction

    Hello! As you know, you can store game data - X, Y, direction etc. for player or events. I need something similar for a follower. I found you can use $gamePlayer._followers.follower(0).x $gamePlayer._followers.follower(0).y to assign the X and Y positions. I was wondering if there was a similar...

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