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  1. greensdream

    Animated tiles not lining up...

    I'm using animated tiles (set to Stepping with Direction Fix on) to simulate fire in the trees. The file I'm using has an ! at the beginning of its title. I have also attached the tiles to show that there should be no gaps... And a screenshot showing that there are gaps! Does anyone know how to...
  2. greensdream

    Respite tiles (eventing help)?

    Hope I'm not posting in the wrong place... One of my maps slows the player's speed to x2 slower (setting 3 in the Set Movement Route command). I'd like for there to be single tiles placed around the map that allow the player to muster the strength to "push through," and I'd like for the tiles...
  3. greensdream

    Script for Screen Zoom help?

    I have been using a script to zoom-in (bring the camera closer) and it has worked great... Up until trying to change the scale! Here is the script I'm using by creating an event and typing this into the script line: $gameScreen.setZoom(Graphics.width / 2, Graphics.height / 2, 2) It works...
  4. greensdream

    Can "Continue" and "Options" be disabled from the Title Screen?

    I'm trying to remove the "continue" and "options" selections from the title screen. I'd like for the only option to be "new game." I have plugins that can alter the main menu once the game has begun, but nothing to alter the title screen selections. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. greensdream

    I wanna play your demo on my YouTube channel!

    Hey, frands! Kip Icon here, fellow RPG Maker game developer (my game is "GREEN'S DREAM," you can find the forum post here or download the demo on GameJolt here), and I've started a new series on my YouTube channel where I play demos for RPG Maker games! Where better to start with my new series...
  6. greensdream


    *UPDATE/NOTE:* Many players have been missing the bulk of the game’s content by not interacting with an NPC, so I’ve updated the build to ensure this is now impossible. Please upload the most recent version titled "HARRY HOUDEEN THE TEEN-AGE MAGICSHOW GUY (updated 11_20_17)" (or the Mac...
  7. greensdream


    *THE DEMO IS HERE!* Play the *GREEN’S DREAM* demo (PC & Mac) now! Download the demo of *GREEN’S DREAM* now at the gamejolt page! Welcome to XANADU ISLAND, ISLE OF NIGHTMARES! No one is sure how they’ve found themselves here, but a rather UNFORTUNATE...

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