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  1. SomebodySomething

    DragonBones, I'm having trouble with it! Help!

    I've tried anything I can think of to try fixing this, and reading other people's DragonBones threads, but nothing is working. I really need some help. I have no clue what might've caused this, at all. Update 1: I was able to get it to this point here by following an already existing thread...
  2. SomebodySomething

    Hey Would A Completely Randomised Game Be Possible?

    I apologise if I'm posting on the wrong Board here, but I've looked around for months and haven't found the right information I need to make this work and I'm unsure if plugins or coding are the way to go here. I want to make a RPG that's almost 98% randomised, and I'm really not good at coding...

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