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  1. Silver Wishes

    Dialog Box gets bigger after fight.

    Hello guys! I need help…  I hope this is the place to post this, I wasn’t sure. I think my problem is between a script, a timer and a variable. So what I was trying to do is create a ‘betting minigame’ in which the player has to gather more points (by defeating more monsters) than the NPC in a...
  2. Silver Wishes

    Player Invincibility

    Hello! I am trying to make a skill that turns an ally invincible for 3 turns, but immobilizes the user for the same 3 turns. Now, I’ve dealt with the immobilization part… but I can’t seem to turn the target invincible… And by that I mean not taking any damage... everything I found via search...
  3. Silver Wishes

    Hello~ Everyone!

    So! I’m Silver Wishes… you can just call me Silver, if you want. I’m new to both the forum and rpg maker ^.^ I do writing mainly... and art. I started my own project a while ago and I hope to make a game out of all the crazy ideas spinning inside my head. I’m not that good with...

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