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  1. Miseryfactory77

    Sprite Edit for Vibratos aldo needed

    I am sure that some of you may be familiar with his work more of which is displayed here Anyways I liked how sprites for the cover art characters so have started using them anyways I noticed the female characters are all very...
  2. Miseryfactory77

    Spritesheet help

    Hi Everyone I was not sure where to ask this question but I was currently getting into gimp to create and edit resources etc. So anyways because of a certain plugin that I have installed the spritesheets had to be changed. as you can see from & They are 2 different spritesheets now I am...
  3. Miseryfactory77

    Gimp Graphic modification help

    Hi everyone I was not sure the correct place but had questions as it related to the image editing software gimp. I am somewhat competant in gimp and have used it to edit spritesheets in the past but needed help with something which may involve layering etc and was wondering if anybody could help...
  4. Miseryfactory77

    Please I beg of you help me with this Mog hunter battler motion yanfly battleengine plugin problem.

    Okay so I primarily use yanfly and mog hunter plugins with a touch of galvs sprinkled in their along with some other miscellaneous users but primarily mog and yanfly. I have had ZERO compatibility issues. However one very small issue has presented itself to me. To anybody familiar with the...
  5. Miseryfactory77

    This may already exist but I need one besides victors

    I was basically just looking for a plugin that would allow me to display the actors sv battler sprite in all the menu screens instead of the face. Pretty much just like victors only it hase compatibility issues and I prefer mog and yanflys scripts. I am no coder and I am not sure if its hard to...
  6. Miseryfactory77

    Mog Battlehud template help

    Hi everyone I made a lot of progress on my project a long time ago but ccidently erased all of my work and did not save a backup of it. So I am getting back into this and using all my free time for it after seeing people who have completed the work that they started it actually inspired me to...
  7. Miseryfactory77

    Skill creation help may require script not sure.

    This is for rpgmaker mv by the way. Okay so after the incompatibility issue between yanfly and victors scripts I ultimatley decided I liked victors better and victors for whatever reason dont cause lag on my computer so im going with his. The thing Is I am trying to make a skill called sword...
  8. Miseryfactory77

    Mog hunter battle HUD face help

    Hi everyone I am using this battle hud created by mog whos work I love. The thing is I have seen youtube videos etc where people have the cover art characters faces  somehow sized to fit the hud. I use aldo nina hayate etc as I have purchased the cover art pack but I dont have chracter faces...
  9. Miseryfactory77

    Galv magic shards Yanfly Weapon unleash help

    Okay I was stopping here because I had a quick question. I have these two scripts I love and there seems to be an issue. To those familiar with these plugins weapon unleash by yanfly allows you to input a percent chance in a notetag that your regular attack may unleash a certain skill. It can...
  10. Miseryfactory77

    Galv magic shards help

    I love this script back when it was in ace and could use it easily there. However with mv is giving me some troubles. everything works fine until my characters level up and attempt to get their shard level increase per the notetag in the appropriate skill upon leveling. The moment it happens I...
  11. Miseryfactory77

    adiktuzmiko shaz please I summon you exp stat help plugin.

    Hi everyone if anybidy can help that would be great. I titled it the way I did because I have not been on this site in two years and shaz and adiktuzmiko usually could always so;lve my problems in like no time at all lol. Anyways I was looking for a plugin that allows me to do away with leveling...
  12. Miseryfactory77

    Leveling parameters with exp help

    Hi everyone just was wondering if there was a plugin made for what im looking to do that I have overlooked. If anybody hear is familiar with yanflys skill learn plugin it allows you to learn new abilities by spending experience points to learn the new skill. I was looking to do something...
  13. Miseryfactory77

    Script help

    Wow havent been on here in a while mvs release brought me back. I use to post as a user named hinora****o but forgot my password. All I know is shaz and a person whos avatar was some red girl with glowy fire could almost always help me. The only thing I would like help with is in my game I dont...

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