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  1. UgyBoogie

    Align Text in Show Text Command

    Hello :kaohi: I've really searched hard for something that seems so basic, but I just couldn't find anything. I want the text, that is displayed in windows via the "Show Text" command to have a certain alignment that is changable midgame. Usually it's aligned left, I need a right alignment as...
  2. UgyBoogie

    Concept Art of my Protagonist

    Umm... hello everyone :kaohi: Some of you already know me, I've been pretty active in the last few weeks. I normally don't talk about the project I'm currently working on, but today I'm revealing a little glimpse of it. It's about the protagonist of my game. I'm working together with a close...
  3. UgyBoogie

    Understanding State Rates

    Hello :kaohi: This is probably an easy question for most of you, but I'm having troubles of grasping this topic. It's about State Rates, or rather how they are modified by different things. It's easier for me to understand things with actual examples, so it would be nice if someone could just...
  4. UgyBoogie

    Opacity for Text

    Hello :kaohi: This seems so simple, but since I couldn't find anything about this, maybe it's just not possible. I'd like to be able to change the opacity of displayed text. Preferably with a simple command, like the already existing ones (ex. \i[x], \v[x]). Something like \opc[255] ? If this...
  5. UgyBoogie

    Draw Icons in Skill Names

    Hello :kaohi: I'd like to have a plugin that allows me to use the "\i[x]" code from Text Messages to be used in the Name Window of Skills (like this) Don't know how difficult this would be, but thanks in advance if you try to help me :kaoluv:
  6. UgyBoogie

    Let's talk about Letter Sounds

    Hello :kaohi: For those of you who don't know what Letter Sounds are, it's basically this: If you have a piece of text in your game, for example a conversation, for every few letters that are displayed a small sound gets played. A pretty common example used in games and movies would be a...
  7. UgyBoogie

    Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads Performance

    Hello :kaohi: I'd like some opinions from people who used Doodads a lot. How is it on the performance? I'm really in love with the plugin and starting to use it more and more for my maps. But is there a point where you felt it got laggy? I wouldn't cluster a 150x150 map with thousands of...
  8. UgyBoogie

    Attack/Defense/M.Attack/M.Defense solely for damage formula?

    Hello :kaohi: Are the above mentioned parameters solely for the damage formula? Or are they used for something else "behind the curtains"? This is why I'm asking: I want three different parameters for attacks and just a single one for defense. So if I just change M.Defense's term to a third...
  9. UgyBoogie

    Hide HP/MP Gauge but not their values

    Hello everyone :kaohi: I'd like to know how to disable the gauges. I tried to fiddle around in the standard scripts of the maker, but all I was able to accomplish was to hide the gauge and the value all together (by commenting out certain lines). I tried my best, but I guess I need help with this.
  10. UgyBoogie

    Change System SE midgame

    Hello :kaohi: I had no luck finding this online, so maybe it doesn't exist. I need a plugin that allows me to change the system soundeffects (the ones you choose in the database) to be changed midgame (via plugin command?). I don't know how complicated that is, but if it is too much work to be...
  11. UgyBoogie

    Change System SE's midgame?

    Is there a script call or something to change the soundeffects that are set in the database? I know you can change music through event commands, but it doesn't seem to be the case for the SE. I'm mainly talking about the SE for Cursor, OK, Cancel and Buzzer. My idea behind it; I want different...
  12. UgyBoogie

    Steam / non-Steam difference (regarding DLC)

    I'm a bit confused about the DLC's. I bought MV via Steam. Is there any difference for me wether I'll buy DLC via the Steam shop or from this website?
  13. UgyBoogie

    Quick question about MV's variables

    I'm looking for something that determines which actor currently is selecting his actions in battle. Something like -> gameParty.members()[1] this refers to the party member in the second slot (if I'm not mistaken). Is there something like this for the active turn member?
  14. UgyBoogie

    Place Enemies lower in Troops Window

    Hello Community :cutesmile: I've encountered an issue today, where the troops menu doesn't allow me to place enemies lower than a certain point. This wouldn't be a problem with a default Battle HUD, but since I've customized mine I have a lot of empty, unused space. As you can see it's not...
  15. UgyBoogie

    Multiple icons for single skills etc.

    Hello everyone! Is there a way (or plugin) to give my skills/items/armor/weapons more than just the default 1 icon? Maybe that's super basic and I'm just missing something. Would be great to have like 3 different icons in front of stuff so it's more distinct.

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