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  1. How do I change the actor during a battle?

    Hello, I use a translator because my native language is not English, so I may not be able to communicate what I want. He's the creator of the rpg game, so when the player's turn came back during the battle. I want to attack, run away, and change the actor or menu window (of course, it should be...
  2. want a way to play the video to the full screen.

    Hello, I am the person who makes the game using the script, and I may not be able to communicate well using the translator. I use the script, but if I run the video, the video will be played in the left corner, unlike other images and game screens, the video cannot be played as a full screen, is...
  3. I want a script that moves the picture.

    RM VXA uses the shaking function, but the picture doesn't move. I want the picture to move. If there is no such script, it's okay to shake the entire game. When I searched, all the scripts were gone, so I left this message.

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