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  1. Nageik

    [XP] Windmill for use outside RPG Maker

    The tilesets that PandaMaru made for RPG maker xp fit in the engine that I use, it's just that he doesn't want us to use them elsewhere than on the RPG Maker engine if I understood well ... On opengameart there are only 3D models, not really in XP format.
  2. Nageik

    [XP] Windmill for use outside RPG Maker

    Hello, guys! I've been doing some research on a windmill (XP). The problem is that looking at the conditions of use, I saw that I couldn't use it on any other engine than RPG Maker... Will you have a public windmill? I found the one of PandaMaru which is splendid, unfortunately according to the...
  3. Nageik

    XP Sprite/Tilesets Pirate theme

    Thank you very much, I've never seen these Tilesets/sprites before, it's incredible!
  4. Nageik

    XP Sprite/Tilesets Pirate theme

    Thanks to the three of you! It's nice to see a community that is still active and friendly. We won't hesitate to indicate the credits ;) I do a maximum for my English, sorry if I'm sometimes incomprehensible !
  5. Nageik

    XP Sprite/Tilesets Pirate theme

    Hi, I've already done some research, but I've come across a lot of dead links. I'd like some resources (sprites /tilesets) in the pirate theme. If possible, in the universe of the One piece manga, but the pirate theme is already quite well generalized. We are working on the XP format. Example...
  6. Nageik

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (XP version)

    I really like your work ! I took some resources, if our project would start, I will tell you about it. You are obviously in our credits ;)
  7. Nageik

    Personigo's massive XP giveaway

    Nice job really ! Are you working on new creations ?

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