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  1. DagJakeTanner

    DW (an adventure RPG)

    DW (version 1.0!) Made using RPG Maker MV. Price is $7.99! Supported Languages: English Synopsis DW is an adventure/RPG about a boy stranded in a world of drawings! Armed only with a mysterious paintbrush, find a way home as you unravel the mystery of how you ended up in this world. Features...
  2. DagJakeTanner

    RMMV DW (an adventure/RPG)

    That's what I was going for! Wanted to make it feel like it was a world straight out of someone's doodles :) Thanks!
  3. DagJakeTanner

    RMMV DW (an adventure/RPG)

  4. DagJakeTanner

    [SOLVED]New Party Member Not Showing Up

    Tried this just now, and it worked! For some reason the game had a problem with normally adding this one party member, yet with other actors it worked just fine, haha. I'm just glad this worked. Thank you both for your help!
  5. DagJakeTanner

    [SOLVED]New Party Member Not Showing Up

    Hey, all! The game I'm currently working on mostly has you just playing as one character the entire time. However, there is one segment where a party member temporarily joins you. I'm trying to put this together, but after the new party member is added, he doesn't actually show up on the map...
  6. DagJakeTanner

    [RMMV]: Can't get a sprite to properly display damaged version.

    Ah, I see!! No worries, that makes sense. And it worked! Thank you very much for your help :D
  7. DagJakeTanner

    [RMMV]: Can't get a sprite to properly display damaged version.

    Gave it a try, but it still didn't work. I tried both Direction Fix, and Direction Fix + Walking. It needs to be turned on in the NPC's event page for the damaged state, right?
  8. DagJakeTanner

    [RMMV]: Can't get a sprite to properly display damaged version.

    Hey, all. I've been looking through the threads for a solution to this issue, but can't seem to find one. I'm trying to get an enemy NPC to go into a damaged state following the aftermath of a fight. I quickly discovered doing it with the Set Movement Route: Change Image strategy is a no-go...
  9. DagJakeTanner

    New guy here! Nice to meet you!

    Hello, all! I'm DagJakeTanner, but you can just call me Dag. I've been working on a game in RPG Maker MV for about two months now. Finally decided to stop lurking and just make an account on these forums. :) I'm pretty new to all of this, but I've had enough experience in both VX Ace and MV to...

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