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  1. FREE [RPG Maker VX Ace] Partnership Game Development

    Hi all, I'm looking for one or two people to collaborate with on a game. I've always had the most fun working in teams and was hoping to find some like-minded people here to work with. I'm able to compose music, write, event, map, and do some light coding and graphic editing. I'm looking for...
  2. Strange Error with Hime's Untargetable State Script [Ace]

    Hi all, I've recently implemented Hime's Untargetable State script for a battle I'm making. Here's the code that I'm using below: #=============================================================================== # Title: Untargetable State # Author: Hime # Date: Sep 25, 2015...
  3. Empyrean's Music Shop (Open)

    Hi all, I was pretty active with RPG Maker many, many years ago and used to love making music for different projects I was working on. While digging around in my computer, I found a number of old midi tracks that I thought I'd share with anyone who's interested. I'm setting up this shop too...

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