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    RMMV Using $gameSystem.playtimeText() for accurate playtime

    Hello, I have a menu plugin that refers to $gameSystem.playtimeText() and displays the game time for the player. However, the game engine calculates time played based on frames in rpg_objects.js: Game_System.prototype.playtime = function() { return Math.floor(Graphics.frameCount / 60)...
  2. sb~

    RMMV Aetherflow Preload Everything

    Hello, I'm hoping others have experience with this plugin by Kaliya/Liquidize. I am trying to preload a subfolder directory named 'img/SumRndmDde/tas'. Normally I can select individual items to preload when using the in-game plugin manager, however, this plugin doesn't seem to recognize any...
  3. sb~

    Thoughts on using skills from existing games?

    I'm adding skills that function just like Bad Breath and White Wind in many Final Fantasy games. What would you think if you came across these skills in an RPG maker game? Would you consider it a nod to a great series or a show of lack of creativity? If the latter does it help to rename them...

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PRODUCTIVE DAY! I think I FINALLY completed all the items for part 1 of Fallen Feather, that includes the animations, the stats, the pricing, etc. for weapons, armors, key and consumables! all i need to be 100% done is write a few more descriptions (only 10 left out of the 40+ items) and to find some nice pants icons (dont ask lol).
Kinda hate it everytime reinstall rpg maker because the program refuse to testplay
For every amazing step of the way I make, I find myself in a moment where I feel really stupid for not knowing something. I probably shouldn't though, but still, it sometimes feels more obvious than perhaps it is
Just spent $174 on Shining the Holy Ark on the Saturn. Good lord.
My brain when designing quests:
There is piano, it needs help --> The organ (yes organ now) is missing a component! --> Where the heck am I supposed to put this missing piece!??! --> Add an entire new mini dungeon specifically created to house this new piece. --> Connect this brand new mini dungeon to an already designed dungeon with background information about the town it's found it.

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