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  1. Issue with YEP_X_SelectionControl

    Hi, I am having an issue with the plugin YEP_X_SelectionControl ( When I have to target an ally with the scope One Ally, and using the left/right keys to cycle through allies, actors aren't selected in the correct order. It should go 1-2-3...
  2. Script command for currently selected actor

    Hello everyone. I'm currently trying to add a HUD element to my battle menu. This HUD element is tied to a State only one class has, but in case the player decides to pick this class 2, 3 or 4 times (you never know), I'd like this HUD element to dynamically change depending on the actor that is...

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just hopped into project recruitment... hoping to maybe find some artists to help with parallax maps and whatnot. I could do them myself, but I'm not really good at it so I'd prefer to stick to my strengths which is character art and SOME UI elements.
PRODUCTIVE DAY! I think I FINALLY completed all the items for part 1 of Fallen Feather, that includes the animations, the stats, the pricing, etc. for weapons, armors, key and consumables! all i need to be 100% done is write a few more descriptions (only 10 left out of the 40+ items) and to find some nice pants icons (dont ask lol).
Kinda hate it everytime reinstall rpg maker because the program refuse to testplay
For every amazing step of the way I make, I find myself in a moment where I feel really stupid for not knowing something. I probably shouldn't though, but still, it sometimes feels more obvious than perhaps it is
Just spent $174 on Shining the Holy Ark on the Saturn. Good lord.

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