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  1. Is there a way to tint the tileset, but not the character?

    Thanks - I figured it out!
  2. Is there a way to tint the tileset, but not the character?

    New to RPG maker, I am using the default RTP, and would like to change the tint (color) of the tilesets to give a map a bit more variety. I tried using the tint screen event, but that tints the character color too, which I don't want. Is there a way to do this in RMMV, or do I need something...
  3. Getting other party members to follow character

    This is clearly what happened. Thank you for this.
  4. Getting other party members to follow character

    Well, I resaved the game, restarted the computer, and replayed a new playtest from start and now it works. Not sure what the problem was but oh well .
  5. Getting other party members to follow character

    It's weird - I changed the event to add the third actor as well as the second actor. - the third actor shows up fine following behind me. There is a gap where the second actor (in this case, named Amelia), would be. I do have a character image set for the Amelia character in the database
  6. Getting other party members to follow character

    I am not using any plug-ins at all. This is my first game. The second party member appears in the menu screen when I open the menu, but they don't follow behind the player.
  7. Help with autorun / switch activation

    Thanks guys - Both responses work and make sense.
  8. Getting other party members to follow character

    When I add a new player to my party, is there an event command that I have to use to get the actor graphic to follow around behind the player? Here is my event where I add the new actor to the party, and I do have "show followers" checked in system. Not sure what I have to do to get the new...
  9. Help with autorun / switch activation

    OK - I want this event to check if two different switches are on, and if so, to activate a third switch. I want this event to run each time the player enters the map to check if the two precursor switches are on. I have it set to autorun, but it gets stuck in an infinite loop. What is the...
  10. Need help with eventing

    I found it worked just by changing the trigger from autorun to parallel.
  11. Help mapping a bridge.

    Thank you
  12. Need help with eventing

    Been struggling on this one for a few hours. Basically, I want the player to enter a house, then have an event character approach the player immediately upon entry, and say "follow me." The event character would then walk away, and the player would be able to move and follow the event across...
  13. Help mapping a bridge.

    Hi - Here is my map: I want to make the bridge so the player can walk over it, and also underneath it on the rocky path that I have created below in the water. I have read tutorials and it seems straightforward, but The problem I am having is that the bridge I have used from the map is...
  14. Help with eventing

    Hello, Here is a picture of my map: Basically, I want my cut scene event to begin when the player walks over the tile on the bottom of the stairs, on the left tile (the staircase is two tiles wide). My problem is that if the player walks down the stairs on the right side (the right tile)...
  15. UPDATE: Recommendation for the deprioritization of macOS due to x64 mandates and removal of OpenGL

    Hi everybody - I was wondering if there were any updates to this issue. I was thinking about buying the new macbook pro (released May 2020), which runs on OSX Catalina. If there are still problems with using RMMV, or if it is not going to be supported in the future, then I guess I will stick...
  16. Problems with mapping

    Thank you, makes sense.
  17. Shift+Click Mapping

    Is this tutorial for RMMV? I ask because I struggle to see what effect shift-right clicking has in MV. Shift-left clicking makes sense.
  18. Problems with mapping

    Hey guys, Thanks for the help. My first map is coming along just great. Looking forward to sharing it. I came across another issue, not sure if there is a solution. Here is a snapshot of my map in my editor. I am trying to set the passage settings so that I can have the player walk on top of...
  19. Confused about Parallax Backgrounds

    Works fine with the exclamation mark. Thank you for the help.
  20. Confused about Parallax Backgrounds

    So basically, I want the character to move to the northern part of the map, and then be able to see the mountain part of the parallax background as in the screenshot of the editor that I posted above. However, when the game is rendered, all I can get is for the blue sky part of the background...

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