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  1. Robert-Character Creator

    [VX Ace] GaryCXJk's Free Movement and distance_per_frame Sprite Bug

    Hello! Let's get right into it. I've had this bug for the majority of the 2.5 years I've been developing my game, but I haven't asked about it up until now. Basically, I've isolated the problem down to one script, and one core script edit. Let me explain. So, my game has a horror/suspense...
  2. Robert-Character Creator

    [VX Ace] "Boss-like" Enemy Attacks- Ideas Needed

    Hello! I'm currently designing a type of enemy in my game called the Guardsman. I'm using a picture of the concept art as my profile picture, actually. While not quite a boss, as the game has no combat, it acts as a major obstacle at several points and uses boss-like attacks. Currently, the...
  3. Robert-Character Creator

    [VX Ace] Tsukihime's Collision Maps DLL Crashing; Needs Recompiling?

    Hello. I haven't been here in a long while, having just come back from a long hiatus, so please forgive me if I make a mistake here or there. Let's start from last night. I loaded up my game wanting to work on it for the first time since January. I made a few modifications, and went to test it...
  4. Robert-Character Creator

    [VX Ace] Free Movement Incompatibility

    Hello! i'm using GaryCXJk's Free Movement Script, and I'm trying out a new script: Prof. Meow Meow's Stealth Script(Only version I could find that wasn't buried in a thread.). To be honest, I tried using the latter script a couple years ago, when I had first restarted my project, but I...
  5. Robert-Character Creator

    [VX Ace] Dashing Scripts Troubles

    Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? Anyhow, I'm using two scripts to modify dashing: Yami's Dash Stamina script, and LoneWolfDon's Scriptlet. I am also using Gary CXJk's Free Movement script, which allows for pixel-based movement, rather than tile-based. I also have a massive amount of other...
  6. Robert-Character Creator

    Modification of Normal Priority

    Hello! I'm very hesitant to post this, as my past few requests have had no luck. I've probably been asking for too much in each, but I digress. Several bugs in my game are caused by the way that normal priority currently works. In a normal VX Ace game, a player and a normal priority event will...
  7. Robert-Character Creator

    [VX Ace] TypeError in Weather Script

    Hello! I was looking for a way to modify the default weather in Ace, and I found this little snippet from @Shaz . The formatting was ruined, so I reformatted it as this: class Game_Map def weather_modifier @weather_modifier = 3 if !@weather_modifier @weather_modifier end def...
  8. Robert-Character Creator

    Stamina Script working incorrectly

    Hello. I'm using Yami's stamina script, where there is a stamina bar when dashing. However, the "auto-hide" function does not seem to work correctly. To start, it is meant to disappear the stamina bar when you aren't dashing, after x frames. However, this only works the first time per game...
  9. Robert-Character Creator

    Zoom Compatibility

    Hello! I'm using this zoom script (It's in French...), and I have it working on normal maps. However, I'm using parallax maps made with several scripts, and the script does not work correctly on these maps. Events and the player zoom in properly, but the parallax stays the same. If I provide my...
  10. Robert-Character Creator

    Modifying the same script still, need help

    Hi. As the title states, I'm still trying to modify GaryCXJK's Free Movement script so that there is a pause when the player turns, unless they're only turning 45 degrees. When turning from an orthogonal to a diagonal there is no wait, however, when doing the opposite, there is, for some reason...
  11. Robert-Character Creator

    [VX Ace] Modification of TDS's "Move Event with Player" Script

    Hello! I think this is a better spot for this request than the Script Requests section where I posted this in because it is an already existing script rather than a nonexistent one. I'm using the script in the title, where you can configure an event to follow the movements of the player, as well...
  12. Robert-Character Creator

    Modifying the Editor Itself

    Hello. This is something I've been pondering for a while. I am using parallax mapping in my project, so I cannot see my maps when I am editing. I want to know if it is against the EULA to add the ability to place a .png image in the editor's background. It reads in the restriction section: C...
  13. Robert-Character Creator

    I'm modifying a script - Why do I get this error?

    I'm modifying CXJk's Free Movement, but my Ruby experience is very limited. I'm modifying the script to make the player pause when they turn directions, so I can add animations for turning later. The crash happens in this section: def interpret_move(step_left = distance_per_frame)...
  14. Robert-Character Creator

    Modification of TDS's "Move Event with Player" Script

    Hello! I'm using the script in the title, where you can configure an event to follow the movements of the player, as well as a Free Movement script. I'm using it for just that; a table event that the player can push or pull. However, should the table hit any wall or other event and be unable to...
  15. Robert-Character Creator

    "Suffix Script" for Sprites

    Hi! One of the features in my game, that of an idle animation, works by changing the character's sprite. The name changes from "Filename" to "Filename[Idle]", However, I have other features that change the sprite, so these will naturally conflict with one another. I could solve this with an...
  16. Robert-Character Creator

    Animated-when-Appearing Text

    Hello! I'm interested in having text that, well, has an animation when being drawn on-screen. Specifically, I'm looking to have text in a calligraphy font, that is literally drawn as if with a pen. I would have to design the animation, of course, it's the implementation I need help with. I've...
  17. Robert-Character Creator

    Consequences of Having an Odd-Number-Pixeled Sprite

    Hi! As the title clearly states, I'm using a sprite with an odd number of pixels for width for the main character. This, however, clashes slightly with VX Ace, where the tiles are 32 pixels wide, an even number. Aside from the character always being 1 pixel to the left or right, are there any...
  18. Robert-Character Creator

    Using a .PNG to affect Maps

    Hello! I use Tsukihime's Collision Maps, where created images in black and red define passibility in your maps. I have been wondering- is it possible to use colored images like this to do other tasks, like assigning regions or BGMs to certain parts of the map externally? I tried to have a look...
  19. Robert-Character Creator

    Referencing a Single Frame of an Animation

    (Posting it here as I think it's a safe bet.) Hello! I'm attempting to tie in a sound effect to an animation I've made, so it plays during the corresponding frame. This is possible in the database, where you can set up these animations to have sound effects included. So, how would I go about...
  20. Robert-Character Creator

    Anyone have a copy of CT_Bolt's Timer Script? [Found!]

    The title is pretty self-explanatory; does anyone have a copy of this script? All of his links seem to be down, and I failed to find a copy searching on the forums. I could message them- I think they're still active, but I want to avoid bothering them if I can help it. Thanks in advance for any...

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