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  1. Arteria

    Charset-Edit for IGMC!

    Hello everyone, i know im late but i need a charset edit of this astronaut: the astronaut should "fly" like in the space. Here is a reference: Hope someone can help me with this job! Not much time left.
  2. Arteria

    Need Charset for IGMC!

    Hello everyone, im looking for someone who can make me a RTP Charset for the IGMC. So it rushes a bit.. you can see a artwork of the character. Hope to have some luck to find someone fast. Cheers Arteria You are not allowed to use this picture!
  3. Arteria

    Monster, Fox, Wolf Charset

    Hallo everyone, im looking for someone who can do a Charset of my Monster. Im using the RMVX Ace and for Humans Taller Chars then the RTP, but i think for animals is RTP no Problem. Here is my Artwork of my Monster: I hop that someone can help! All best Arteria
  4. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some Chareset / Sprites of a Hoverbike and Hoverboard. I will add my Charakter to it and use it as mount. Maybe a talented Pixler can do it for me.. Here are some reference how it could look like...
  5. Arteria

    Arteria's resources

    Hallo everyone. I'm sharing my RTP-Edit's with you! If you need a special statue, feel free to contact me. I will add some more resources in the future, so i will update the topic. Be free to use the resources in non- and commercial games, credits will be fine! Template...
  6. Arteria

    Modern Resources

    Im looking for modern and sci fi resources. Mainly im looking for tilesets and parallax stuff. I work with the rmvx ace. All resources a welcome! Thanks in Advance, Arteria
  7. Arteria

    Tileset, Sprites, Pixel Artist

    Hello, im Looking for a Pixel Artist who can do me some of my Buildings and other stuff. Here is a Reference: The Logo on the Kaju Corp. Labotory is red. The Crystal should be Blue. Hope someone can help me.. Thanks in advance! :) I use the RMVX Ace.
  8. Arteria

    Need Artwork / Icon

    Hey hey, im looking for someone who can do me a artwork. You can see a sketch below of the Scouter. Scouter is a technical Glove to summon Monsters in my game. I think the Kaju Corp. Logo would look best in red. I need a Artwork and a Icon for the RMVX Ace will be really cool! Thanks in...

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