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  1. stulee1


    Help this is my first post sorry if in wrong section i do apologise in advance ive used vx for years on and off and only just starting to delve into scripting a little ive managed to change the txt colour throughout to the desired colour which is 02 - light orange all other text has changed...
  2. stulee1


    just wondering if this site still active i know im using vx which is 14 years old but i like it and having problems with some scripts and looking for help

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Daz3D has the weirdest number scheme for model generations...
Genesis 4 is the 4th generation and oldest currently available, Genesis 1 is the 5th generation, Genesis 2 is the 6th, 3 is the 7th.... And then it goes Genesis 8. So 4, 1, 2, 3, 8. So when looking through there store you have to remember that sometimes they'll say 6 but they mean 3, and vice versa. :kaoswt:
Would opening a topic with the tutorial be interesting?

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