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  1. HopeFragment

    Target any ally except user

    I use the Yanfly Target Manager, and I have quite a few skills that I want to be able to target any single ally except the user (select a single ally, but can't select user). But even the Yanfly Target Manager doesn't have that option, it has "target all allies except user" but not select an...
  2. HopeFragment

    A font won't work (Yanfly Message System)

    I use the Yanfly Message System. My game uses the default VL Gothic for mostly everything, but there are some points where the game temporarily changes font. Yanfly Message System does this by having a Fonts folder, you insert the fonts you want to use into the folder, and then you call them by...
  3. HopeFragment

    Who made this?

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right thread, I wasn't sure where this sort of thing would go. Anyway, a long time ago, I downloaded this blood tileset, and forgot who made it. I don't want to not credit the person who made it. I tried looking for the source using...
  4. HopeFragment

    How to make this formula?

    Hi, I'm making a very weird move that under normal circumstances, gives all enemies Confuse and Silence (so "all enemies" scope, and in the effects box it adds confuse and silence 100%), and gives the user state 54. However, if actor 3 is in the battle, the user instead gets state 55, and actor...
  5. HopeFragment

    How to make two attacks

    There are two skills I'm having trouble figuring out how to make so I'll ask for help with both on the same post. The first one I need help with is I want a skill that works like Facade from Pokemon. In Pokemon, Facade is a move that does a certain amount of damage normally, but does double...
  6. HopeFragment

    Does anyone have these scripts (VX Ace) that were taken down?

    Hope this is the right place for this. I'm looking for scripts for VX Ace; Tsukihime's Scope Damage Modifier, as well as her Attack Animation script. She has her scripts on her site here, but both of those I'm looking for link to RPG Maker Central rather than himeworks, and therefore have a...
  7. HopeFragment

    Need help on where to place this snippet

    (VX Ace) First off I hope this is the right thread, I wasn't sure where something like this would go. I needed this sort of script for my game, so I found the thread I linked above and tried the...
  8. HopeFragment

    Specify if I want no-null-damage

    I know, there are several no null damage scripts that make the minimum damage that can be dealt 1. I'm using one right now (Specifically Kread-EX's) because I want all standardly offensive attacks to deal at least one damage no matter what. One party member has very weak physical offense (a mage...
  9. HopeFragment

    Making a skill cause a random state.

    I want to make a skill that at random causes a state. Specifically, the states with the IDs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 26, 29, and 30. I think I've seen a script for this before but is it possible to do it with an attack formula? What would said formula be, if it can be done with an attack formula?
  10. HopeFragment

    Turn off TP regeneration for a state

    With a certain state, I don't want TP to regenerate from enemy attacks, but it still allows regeneration from a skill's TP gain. How can I do this? Making TRG -100 doesn't work properly, because once the state wears off, they lose TP for some reason.
  11. HopeFragment

    Help with making a certain custom attack formula

    I'm trying to make a pretty unorthodox enemy attack.  This attack does damage to a single target that ignores defense. (formula for this part being a.atk * 4) However in addition to dealing damage, I also want it to add a state to a specific party member 5% of the time, if this attack...
  12. HopeFragment

    Counter attack

    I have looked everywhere for this and can't find it even though I thought this was something we'd definitely have somewhere. If this script does exist already, please direct me to it. But anyway, I'm looking for a script that will allow me to make a skill that works kind of like Counter in...
  13. HopeFragment

    Does anyone know who made this?

    First off I'm sorry if this isn't the right thread, I wasn't sure where this sort of thing would go. Anyway, a long time ago, I downloaded this small iconset to my computer, but I forgot to put the name of the artist in the title and only noticed this now, and I forgot where I got it...
  14. HopeFragment

    I don't get how turn numbers work.

    I'm trying to make a friendly enemy that follows this specific and exact attack pattern. On turn 1, I want it to just wait. (As in do nothing, it uses skill 7) On turn 2, I want it to use a skill called Heal which heals the whole party's HP. On turn 3, I want it to use a skill called...
  15. HopeFragment

    What are these files?

    For a long time, I had these strange .TMP files in my game's folder. All of them were in there since 2014, and no more of them have been created since then. They don't seem to be causing any harm, which is why I never tried to find out, but now I'm curious...
  16. HopeFragment

    Modification to Yanfly Common Event Shop, (and help in general with eventing a thing)

    EDIT: I realized now that the <exit shop> thing might be what I'm talking about already, so I'll have to try that out later when I get back on the computer... ^ I'm using this script for a special shop in my game. ...
  17. HopeFragment

    Help with TheoAllen's Yanfly Victory Aftermath Addon I might sound stupid here, but I've been trying to get this script to work for a very long time, but with no luck. The notetags don't work at all and instead do the default Yanfly quotes. Does anyone know how to...
  18. HopeFragment

    Mack styled buff character base of some sort

    What I do to make the sprites in my game is I use the Mack Looseleaf generator to make a base character that is close enough to the design I have in mind, and then I edit them from that until I get what I want. The problem is, there are a few a really buff characters that are in my game that...
  19. HopeFragment

    Yanfly battle engine Damage Popup addon bugfix?

    I have a few multi-hitting moves in my game, and being a person with a poor aptitude for math, I thought it would be convienent if there were a script that would add a total damage thing to the Yanfly battle engine damage popups, that way I and other people who will play the game who are not...
  20. HopeFragment

    How to display an animation over a tinted black screen?

    There is a part in my game where the screen is tinted totally black with just text going on it. At the end of it, the screen is supposed to fade to white using a custom animation I made in the database. But because the screen is tinted black, the animation won't show up. Is there a way to make...

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