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  1. rrrllll

    RMMZ Unwonted Hero (Demo updated! - Ver 5)

    basically everyone is welcome to join through the link above. Just a server where you can submit your game to test, and no one cares if you lurk and re-appear later, just pay respect then its totally fine. (well... if you re-appear at least say hi) I think link is still there not expired...
  2. rrrllll

    RMMZ Unwonted Hero (Demo updated! - Ver 5)

    Little bit random but i came across this comment xdxd Here is the link for beta tester discord group, where nowis and a bunch of good people are at. Feel free to join if you like it.
  3. rrrllll

    Original Character Contest 3 MV RUNOFF VOTING!

    I have Howard fanbase to thank for. I actually never expected him to win because the other two are amazing as well.
  4. rrrllll

    Sci-Fi Tileset by XENOミゼル (Updated)

    love it!!! can be so useful to me
  5. rrrllll

    Original Character Contest 3 MV Submissions!

    This man is called Howard Character name: Howard About your character: Howard dreams of being a hero, and he loves cosplaying the legendary hero- Harold who once saved the world.But since the world is at peace, he has no motivation to go on a journey, do trainings, or even exercise. (LOOK at...
  6. rrrllll

    Clarevoyance 1.3 - now in English and on Steam!

    i just bought it because i found the game so hilarious. I may leave a comment when i got the time to play it. I don't know if the game is good or not, but i think it deserves more attention. XDXD Maybe promote of reddit , people may love that.
  7. rrrllll

    Re-investing your game's profits to generate more profits - discussion

    i think the point is if updating it would get you more attention... are you going to use the updated contents to market your game further?
  8. rrrllll

    FleshToDust First Look Videos

    nice work buddy, will definitely send you my game when my game gets more mature
  9. rrrllll

    Clarevoyance 1.3 - now in English and on Steam!

    lol interesting game, are they people you know or just assets?
  10. rrrllll

    Is it possible to make any money using Rpgmaker MV

    why not lol, as long as you treat it as you made a good game.
  11. rrrllll

    RMMZ Unwonted Hero (Demo updated! - Ver 5)

    i will check it out in a few days!!!!
  12. rrrllll

    The very first level of RPG Maker games

    My only suggestion is make is until you think the game is easy, never made it challenging to your own self. Players are much more stupid than the dev obviously. All the things you listed are tools to achieve game balance and gameplay loop.
  13. rrrllll

    What do you think about "good plot"?

    I think the simple rule is, it makes sense, but it is unexpected. Say a sudden death of a character, wow its unexpected, but his death means something. Maybe he did something bad, or he did something stupid, such that audiences would rather he has an unexpected death. Imo Robb Stark in GOT is...
  14. rrrllll

    Line of Sight

    Nvm, I somehow made it work by altering the plugin settings. And I think this one works best for me because I can alter with the FOV from 180 to 1, because i literally need just a line. Thank you for the reply though! I think it's not broken, or maybe just broken a little bit but i don't see...
  15. rrrllll

    Line of Sight

    sorry cae, don't know if you are still active. I put <sight block> to the note of an event. But it doesnt seem to block the sight. And of course I didnt change the plugin settings. Am I doing it wrong?
  16. rrrllll

    Pixi Filter Controller - fancy screen effects by pixi (MZ version released!)

    may I know if this is still active? I use the following battle plugin basically it is a tactics battle system, where battle happens in a map, but still it is Scene_Battle.(as seen from...
  17. rrrllll

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Sorry, there is an imporant issue, may I know how do i make custom range like in the old versions?
  18. rrrllll

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Still looking forward to the amazing update:kaodes:
  19. rrrllll

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Edit: I managed to make myself some fix, but still these are sth that awaits to be fixed in 1.2 imo. Thanks a lot!!! this plugin is so good tbh.
  20. rrrllll

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    May I know if this 1.2 is finalized yet?

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