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  1. DragonKingDX2

    Stopping MP from regenerating when changing MaxMP

    I have a bunch of Yanfly, Hime, Mog, and Glav, Plugins since it's the project that I just test stuff in. I added WAY_Core and WAY_CustomOnEquipEval to the bottom of the list after everything else since everything else is in the proper order and has been working and still works fine. The actor...
  2. DragonKingDX2

    Stopping MP from regenerating when changing MaxMP

    I was curious if there is a way to stop the MP bar from filling back up each time you change it with equipment. I am trying to make an ammo system for my game and each weapon has a different number of bullets. I worked out how to do a reload and unload by turning gold into the bullets but if a...
  3. DragonKingDX2

    How do I make a proper 1-turn stun?

    You don't need to use the plugin for that. You could just set the auto removal timing to action end and put duration to one.
  4. DragonKingDX2

    set MP to zero when changing equipment

    If you got it to work would you mind sharing it? I was also interested in something like this.
  5. DragonKingDX2


    Welp, I suck at introductions but here we go. I am new to RPG Maker MV but not really to RPG Maker since I messed around with VX Ace a bit. I am currently working on two projects in the small amount of time I get in the week. The first is just a classical RPG that I am still ironing out a full...

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