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  1. Tokumei No

    [VX Ace] Load map name from save file

    Hello, everybody. I am tryng to get the name of the map in which the game has been saved from the save file itself. I do not want to load the save file: I just need to know, within the current game session, the map in which the game was saved. Looking on the web did not help. Any idea? Thank...
  2. Tokumei No

    RMVXA Psycologico - Demo

    1. Introduction NuraxInteractive is a young italian gamedev team, working on various projects, mainly in 3D. Psycologico is the first project published by the team, even if it goes back to when there was only the founder, which is author and developer of Psycologico itself. 2. Story You are a...
  3. Tokumei No

    Change Audio folder path

    Greetings. As the title states, I would like to know if it is possible to change the Audio folder of the project from its default location to somewhere else. I have already tried looking for a solution on Internet and in the scripts for hints about where the paths to the various resources are...
  4. Tokumei No

    [RGGS3] Search only for that precise name

    Hello everybody. In my game, I implemented a player registration system: when you register, you are asked to choose your name, and your save files will be named with that name ($ + '*.rvdata2'). This works perfectly, but the issues start when I try to selectively delete...
  5. Tokumei No

    [VX ACE] Show Choices through event (explained)?

    Hello everybody. I am trying to show more than four choices without implementing a built in script. In order to do this, i followed the precious instructions provided in this topic. So, I put this script in an event:  I suppose I totally misunderstood the instructions...
  6. Tokumei No

    Custom variables and Global Save System

    Hello, everybody. I'm using the precious Global Save System script by theLEECH (you can find it here) and I really need to have a custom variable (not one of the $game_variables but $myVariable) saved in the global save file. I already tried to avoid this by using a default variable, but it...
  7. Tokumei No


    [/URL][/IMG] Psycologico is a metaludic survival horror game developed by NuraxInteractive. It is a game made by old-school Silent Hill and Resident Evil fans for old-school Silent Hill and Resident Evil fans. We are trying to take the best from these two fantastic horror sagas and put...
  8. Tokumei No

    Smoothly Move Windows

    Hello, everybody. I am working on the interface of my game, and I tried to find a way to smoothly move windows from a position to another, but I could not manage it. I tried the love method, but it performs an instantaneous translation, which is not what I need. So now I ask you if you know...
  9. Tokumei No

    [RGSS3] - Conflict between scripts

    Hello everybody. I have two precious custom scripts, in my project: Seer UK & OriginalWij's Fixed Pictures and Woratana's Pictures Below Characters. The former allows me to use pictures as parallaxes displayed over the default tiles, while the latter, given a range of pictures by ID, will put...
  10. Tokumei No

    Woratana's Pictures Below Characters issue.

    Hello, everybody. I have just added Woratana's Pictures Below Characters script (VX Ace version, link in the spoiler) to my project custom scripts list but, when I run the game, it immediately crashes telling me that the "dispose" method at line 69 of the script is not defined for...
  11. Tokumei No

    Quick double question: about Unity and copyright

    Hello everybody. I was wondering about using Unity to make some small, simple videos for my VX Ace project. So, the first question is: would it be legal to implement such a content in the game?  The second question is about the subject of the videos themselves: do you remember those...
  12. Tokumei No

    Undefined method that is actually defined

    Hello everybody. While I was working on the save system, it suddenly stopped working: at the moment, if I try to open the save screen from the game menu, I get the following error message: "Script "Window_SaveFile" line 38: NoMethodError Occurred. Undefined method 'load_header' for...
  13. Tokumei No

    Reinstall Steam copy of RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hello everybody. I have just had some trouble with viruses, and had to make a technician take a look to my computer. Now that the virus problem is solved, though, when I try to open my Steam copy of RPG Maker VX Ace, it returns me an error code 80 message. What have I to do to make my copy...
  14. Tokumei No

    About Using Pictures of a Typewriter

    Hello everybody. So, as you may can guess by reading the title, I would like to use, in my game, some images and live actions clips of a typewriter I own, an Olivetti Lettera 32. I do not want to show the logo; the pictures should be like the one I have attached. What I am asking, then, is...
  15. Tokumei No

    An Easter Egg involving famous people/artists

    Hello everybody. So, as the title says, I would like to create an Easter Egg, in my game, that should work like this: the player is asked to name an artist he likes through the Name Input Processing. If the player gives, as answer, the name of a particular artist, the game reacts by making a...
  16. Tokumei No

    RGSS3 Noob question - Display Actor's Name permanently on map

    Hello everybody. So, as the title says, I would like to show permanently on a certain map the actor's name at fixed coordinates. I tried to do it through a script executed as content of a parallel process, but, because of my ignorance about Ruby, I had to use methods that need to be defined...
  17. Tokumei No

    Too long events?

    Hello everybody. So, it's almost known that a too large or with too much events map makes the game lag. But, has anyone ever detected a lagging due to a processing event that is too long? I'm asking because the events for my game are growing more and more, so I'm pretty scared about it, even...
  18. Tokumei No

    Game lenght and Achievements

    Hello to everybody. As the title suggests, I have some questions about game lenght and achievements. The game I am working on is projected to be full of achievements but also pretty long. According to some theorical hypothesis, to complete all the achievements, it could take about 150 hours...
  19. Tokumei No

    How to insert a link in an image

    Hello everybody. So, first of ally sorry for this idiot question, but: how can I insert in my signature an image, which, if clicked, leads to a specific web page or forum thread? Thank you in advance.
  20. Tokumei No

    Gimp bizarre issue

    Okay, so: when I open Gimp 2 or open a .png file with it, the window of the program is not visualised, I can't see anything. The program is opened and I can close it normally, but nothing is visible but my desktop and the other programs opened. I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall...

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