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  1. Nemesis_Warfare

    FREE RPG Maker Dev NEEDS Game Testers!

    I pm'd you. Not sure if you're still looking?
  2. Nemesis_Warfare

    Greetings Yall!

    I'm obviously new to these forums and quite new to RPG Maker MV as well. >.< My fiance and I are working on a game together and in my spare time I am working on one solo. :3
  3. Nemesis_Warfare

    Passive Item Mechanics (Slay the Spire Inspired)

    I've got an idea for a RPG that's main mechanic is passive effects given through Items held. (Not equipped.) Things like: Heal x after battle. Summon x after defeating an enemy. First spell cast each combat cost 0 mana. Etc. I've been going through plugins and I am not seeing anything that is...

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