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  1. TheOddFellow

    [MV] Get any map's height/width

    Question: How can I get the width and height of any map within my game? "$dataMap.height" and "$dataMap.width" will get the data only of the map I am currently on. I've tried using IDs in multiple ways to access data to maps I have previously made, but to no avail. I've searched a lot of...
  2. TheOddFellow

    Select Items, Hidden Items

    I am attempting to use "Select Item" in my game. The items I will be using "Select Item" have the item type "Hidden Item A". However, I don't want every single "Hidden Item A" item to appear when "Select Item" is called; only certain "Hidden Item A" items. Does anyone know how to do this without...
  3. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Displaced.

    The heavy footfalls echoing off stone suddenly turned soft, her breath faltered without knowing why. Ahead a path, and behind a dense forest covered by thick, wilted grass. Elevator Pitch. A girl with no idea of where she was is Spirited away into a forest where creatures of fantasy reside, and...
  4. TheOddFellow

    Save Grid Image of Maps.

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this is the proper forum to request help for, so please excuse this mistake. To start, is it possible to save a map as an Image from RPG Maker MV with the Event's Grid overlay and the Regions displaying? I have tried to save the image via right-clicking, with...
  5. TheOddFellow

    Event Commands "Show Animation" script call equivalent?

    I've been looking all over the net for an answer to the topic title above. Simply put, I'm probably going to be using a lot of animations in the map-part of my game. However, they are random. I know there are plenty of script call equivalents for many event commands, but this one is just...
  6. TheOddFellow

    Check damage integer in scripts?

    I'm trying to check the damage a skill would do inside of a script, but I'm having a hard time finding that. I have this bit of code in my script: $game_actors[$game_variables[8]+1].skills[0].damage Just imagine that this DOES access a ready skill successfully from a created actor. How do I...
  7. TheOddFellow

    Event self-variables?

    What I'm looking for: A simple script or bit of code that will give events some variables. So, Event 1 (or 2, or X, or ANY) will have its own variable which I can then set and reference anywhere else in the game. I've trolled the forums for about half-an-hour. There was an old post about a...
  8. TheOddFellow

    Coding in more conditions to Scene_Battle?

    There's this feature I want to add to my game. The hero selects a skill, this allows him to summon a monster via states. These states keep track of who is attacking, the Summoner or the Summoned. There is no problem with what I have, the problem could be fixed IF I add a special Event Page to...
  9. TheOddFellow

    Changing battler stats?

    I wish to change the stats of the enemies during a battle scene. Further explanation: The enemies that you target during the standard VX Ace battle scene are the only ones I want to change stats on, their strength, hp, def, etc. If anyone could help, that would be amazing. Disclaimer: I have...
  10. TheOddFellow

    Ethereal End

    Ethereal End Synopsis: An RPG-based game that draws its heritage from Final Fantasy I. There will be a huge world to discover, (although, initially it might seem quite small,) with continents, islands, oceans, and many hidden areas open to those willing to fulfil the conditions. Scripted...
  11. TheOddFellow

    If You Download, You agree to... What?

    What do I have to put in my post so that any beta-testers that try my game is legally protected against stealing/cloning? I'll search through the internet some more, but I believed, that with all these Indie Devs, someone would have a bit of experience. PS, I'm not advertising my game yet. I...
  12. TheOddFellow

    Odd's Ends

    Odd's Ends While working on my games, (of which I have numerous projects I may never finish,) I end up creating resources to an idea that dies out. Whether it be music or pixel art, it just seems bad to waste. So, I'm going to let all you creative people be able to use it for your projects...
  13. TheOddFellow

    From Game Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 Game Loading?

    I've searched around the net and have found nothing slightly related to my question phrased in the topic title above. I realize I can drag save files from one game (if it is unencrypted) to another game file (also not encrypted) and load up just fine (while all the items exist, map ID is within...
  14. TheOddFellow

    Help with a signature

    I have looked over the forums to find where to post this question, but I couldn't, and hopefully the admin will move it to the right one if this is wrong... But how do I get a picture on my signature? It said it needed an url, so I posted the max size picture allowed on my facebook, grabbed...
  15. TheOddFellow

    Looking for an Artist with a bit of Spare Time

    I'm looking for an artist who wants to draw a few bits of art for me. It's charitable work, as I'm just starting story-writing and am not going to make any profit either, but you'll be included in my credits if you accept. I'll put them in separate spoilers so I don't overwhelm anyone...
  16. TheOddFellow

    Looking for an Artist with a bit of free time.

    I'm looking for an artist who wants to draw a few bits of art for me, for commercial use (as I'll reuse them for profit as the chapters continue.) It's charitable work, as I'm just starting story-writing and am not going to make any profit either (this first game might not make money, but I'll...
  17. TheOddFellow

    Interfering with Actor TP

    This event takes place during a battle, once a turn, I want to take a specific actor's TP (or that third bar that generates for special attacks.) and put that into a variable. Now, I've tried: \N[0].tp N[0].tp Once I can put it into a variable, I know what to do from there...
  18. TheOddFellow

    Using a save from another game?

    How would I go about doing this? I plan on making a game series and breaking it up into chapters. On Hand:        1. Two RPG Maker VX Ace projects.        2. First Chapter Complete, w/ an end-game variable and ability to save after credits. If y'all have played Mardek, that's kind of what...
  19. TheOddFellow

    Percentage Complete

    Like FFX-2, when you save, it also saves how far you have progressed AND shows it on the save file. Is there a small script to do this? I have scoured the internet for hours and have come up empty. Where's what I'm basically thinking. At Hand:      1. A "main story" variable that tracks...

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