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  1. Jhale M.

    RPG Maker MV (Switch) version has some major issues

    I heard it was barely functional at first. A bit of lag being the only problem is a big difference.
  2. Jhale M.

    The Digimon Cyber Sleuth RPG Games

    Interesting. I didn't know it would be like Digimon World 2 Then again, I'm guessing you mostly mean the battle system rather than the main aspects of the game (DNA points, exploration and recruiting methods). I love Digimon World 2 but it is pretty unpopular for how slow it is. I have no...
  3. Jhale M.

    RPG Maker MV (Switch) version has some major issues

    I could barely notice the lag. At least it looks ten times better than my PC. You should have shown off the battle system though as that had the most lag on my PC.
  4. Jhale M.

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Oh wow, so they went with the name of MZ??? I'm also surprised there was so much bashing from the initial announcement, but considering it resembles MV a lot, I guess it was probably justified. I couldn't run MV on my computer (thankfully I'm getting a new one) and MZ would likely not even boot...
  5. Jhale M.

    What game are you currently Playing?

    I'm playing Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis and SaGa Frontier. SaGa Frontier I first played Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis a long, long time ago but I never forgot that game, there was just something I loved so much about it and Final Fantasy Tactics couldn't compare despite being similar and...
  6. Jhale M.

    What are your favorite superhero games?

    Ah, Tatsunoko is an interesting hero universe. Glad that game exists or otherwise I would have been unlikely to learn about it. My favorite Superhero game is Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, but since I haven't actually played it, just watched a bunch of tournaments, I don't know if it counts. Also...
  7. Jhale M.

    Hi all, life in a game have you thought about it?

    You put way too much information in there. I am surprised at how simple your answer is so it seems like the only thing worth reading on the post. In my opinion, this question takes a very large amount of information if you are to put any effort into it. Final Fantasy X was a world of serious...
  8. Jhale M.

    Ignore this thread, please

    You have to remember how practical everything and closely examine every factor of your life that gets in your way. You also have to believe in your ability to do everything you would want to put your mind to. You have to take everything and recognize its complexity. There are many people who...
  9. Jhale M.

    Amazing Series of Books on Japanese Game Developers (?)

    There is a series of books called "The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers. I came across this book series because it was quoted in a seemingly humorous manner in a video protesting against the release Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD. In the video, the book is quoted as saying that Sega...
  10. Jhale M.

    Save points: Yes or no?

    I just feel like games become more authentic (like a tabletop roleplay) if the player can have their adventure become unwinnable and are forced to start over. It's definitely not what most people think they want but I think it is really cool. It would likely require more intentional designs than...
  11. Jhale M.

    Save points: Yes or no?

    I think it is important to note that the Ys series had a save anywhere feature possibly since the first version of the first entry, but I have played the PC-engine version which came out in like 1990 and has save anywhere feature as well as voice acting and redbook audio. The interesting thing...
  12. Jhale M.

    RMVXA What do you expect in a fantasy game?

    I would say that the best thing to make a fantasy story feel like a fantasy story (assuming it is medieval/feudalistic style) is to establish the baseline for the world. "World building" is the general idea, but I think it is most important to ensure we know what the average person is doing in...
  13. Jhale M.

    First RPG game you ever played

    Poke'mon Stadium isn't an RPG... You can't level up Poke'mon in that game in isolation and most of the modes were tests of skill composition. (The stadium games were even based upon the competitive scene in Japan, starting with a game that didn't actually release overseas.)
  14. Jhale M.

    How should I advertise my game

    I think the problem with games like "Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass" is demonstrated clearly from that title. These games try to be so sensory provoking/visceral/alien/horrific/miserable that they aren't for everyone and this ends up being the whole "sell" point of indie games as well as what we...
  15. Jhale M.

    Strangest RPG

    Nice plug... Well I think I would say Digital Devil Saga for me, although I haven't actually played it and have only seen it through speedrunning really. Shin Megami Tensei is generally a very unique franchise and I wish there were other games like them. But Digital Devil Saga is the game that...
  16. Jhale M.

    First RPG game you ever played

    I think my first to ever see and play was Pokemon Red where I used Squirtle. But since so many people played Poke'mon first, I'll mention my second. I didn't really understand what an RPG was until I played Final Fantasy X and it really blew my mind. Still one of my favorites in the series to...
  17. Jhale M.

    How does everyone here feel about "Dreams" for ps4? seems like it could be a Unity/RM/GM Killer

    It seems very good as an engine, but the way I heard about it was how you don't own your work. If that is true, just because of that, it wouldn't replace older engines.
  18. Jhale M.

    RMMV [edited] "Magic Moon" (working title): Short introduction and a poll

    Information overload. This game is not well-defined right now because you brought up so many concepts that need to have a specific plan of implementation and it seems like these things could be really hard to fit together in a meaningful way unless it is a lot more minor than you are advertising...
  19. Jhale M.

    Transparent color not working

    The background of that sprite doesn't look like a default black. I don't quite remember if this was a problem, but setting transparency in your art program won't do anything or it will be really finnicky. I wonder if that could even cause the problem of not being able to select a background...
  20. Jhale M.

    Variables and switches for quest?

    I'm pretty sure this is actually more complicated than you would think. I was rather impressed by the quest system of RPG Maker MV and this seems to be around the level of questing you are asking for. Fetch quests aren't hard. There is a section in each event that allows you to check for an...

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