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  1. [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    If the resolution of the project is changed the gamepad doesn't work anymore, I don't even understand why that happens.
  2. [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    When you leave a menu from the main menu there is a big possibility that the game crashes, I have seen this in the demo, I have not tested it in a new project.
  3. [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    When i download the plugin is always corrupted(Edit: Fixed) Is it possible to assign WASD to the movement and left click to the attack of the selected weapon?
  4. Localization - Translate your project into several languages

    Is there a way to translate things from the Visustella Quest System? I'm trying but it doesn't work EDIT: SOLVED.

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