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  1. Dalamar

    Leveling outside of Battle

    Unselect the Show Level Up box when you grant the exp in the event.
  2. Dalamar

    Can only use x skill once

    Or add a state to the user that seals the skill and gets removed at battle end.
  3. Dalamar

    Scroll Map

    If the player is going to be in a set location, you can just transfer player back to the map at said location.
  4. Dalamar

    Two Voice Acting Questions

    It would be in the animations tab.
  5. Dalamar

    Script Making Enemies Invincible?

    Is the enemy immune to state 1 or have you changed state 1 at all?
  6. Dalamar

    Help me please!

    Is there any reason you have YEP_X_EnemyBaseParam in twice?
  7. Dalamar

    Footstep sounds

    You could use this event too, just replace the Bell3 SE with your footstep SE.
  8. Dalamar

    Change Class while retaining stats

    Sorry for the late reply, considering that the max variables you can have is 9999, 96 shouldn't do anything. It would be more how you write the events and any plugins you have that would slow the game down for this part.
  9. Dalamar

    Change Class while retaining stats

    You would need a variable for each stat of each actor as more than one actor may hit this transition after a single fight. To set the variable to the actor's stat you need to go into control variables->game data->actor->stat, just remember to use max hp/mp. You will also need to get the...
  10. Dalamar

    Problem with Skill-transfer.

    Couldn't you just have the actor switch classes, then you would only need to check for the actor's level before the evolution and change the actor's new class level to the old one.
  11. Dalamar

    Randomness features?

    Random items would require a plugin or two to accomplish, but is doable.
  12. Dalamar

    Saving Mid-Battle

    The only way I know of doing this is by ending the battle for each transformation and giving the player an option to save. However, each transformation would need its own troop and monster(s).
  13. Dalamar

    Help with battle command list

    @Sc0wly So I found a thread asking the same thing you did and following those breadcrumbs led me to: where another user had said that plugin was able to remove the party command window in its entirety. If this doesn't work, you may have to try putting in a...
  14. Dalamar

    Starting point for the main character?

    You can either click and drag the event, of if that doesn't work you can change starting positions in database->system->starting positions->player.
  15. Dalamar

    Help with battle command list

    @Andar @BloodletterQ I was not aware of that when I found that script on the mv master list site. Shouldn't Soulpour's scripts be removed from that site as well then?
  16. Dalamar

    Help with battle command list

    Try this: Also, bookmark this website:
  17. Dalamar

    Why does this take me to the game over screen?

    Are you adding state 1 to your actors? As state 1 is hardcoded as the death/knockout state.
  18. Dalamar

    Death Removal Issue

    Does the plugin work if you kill off the actor after a battle?
  19. Dalamar

    Death Removal Issue

    If the battles where this is happening are evented, just click on the box 'Can Lose'.
  20. Dalamar

    regions and images

    This should work for you:

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