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  1. [Request MV] Storage/Chest/Box face image

    Hey you :) , i have interest too!
  2. Dungeon Tools?

  3. Round Walls

    Oh, i hope they would fix it with a future update :( . Hey there, i found it there: Link Wow cool, nice link. Thank you!
  4. Round Walls

    Hello there, i am looking for round walls for dungeon creating. the blocky style is so... Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: see above Reference Images: like these vx ace tile s: 
  5. Quasi Simple Shadows

    Wow! Thank you so much ^^. Thumbs up!  :rock-left: :D :rock-right:
  6. Quasi Simple Shadows

    Wow ^^ thank you for the help, but now i am getting an error if i am turn on or off via event xD. I hope youre not annoyed of me. I add you the failure in the console and the eventcode.
  7. Quasi Simple Shadows

    Im am using the following plugin command to add a shadow source on Event ID 002: quasi addShadowSource 2 But it add nothing, i am using the call wrong?
  8. Quasi Simple Shadows

    I use the Eventcode "Set Event Location" to teleport the lamp with the <lightsource> Note inside to workaround this. But its awkward. An script call would be smarter. 
  9. Quasi Simple Shadows

    Hello it is me again :). Can you add a Command to add Lightsource to an Event? And a region block for a cut off appearance of the shadow would be nicely! For Example: i turn a lamp on and i call the command "quasi addlightsource EV ID"   At the moment it is like this:
  10. Quasi Simple Shadows

    Thank you, it works now. :)  
  11. Quasi Simple Shadows

    Stack Level too deep, cant save the game, if the plugin turns on.
  12. Terrax Lighting system

    If i am using this script together with Quasis Simple Shadow, i cant save the game. An Error occurred in the console "level too deep". You can fix this or add the shadow part in your script?
  13. MV / Treasure Faceset

    Resource Type:  Faceset Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description:  Looking for a faceset, like a Treasurechest, Gold or something.  Reference Images: -

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