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  1. Parallaxing on larger maps

    I’m trying to make a fairly large map of 80x80 that includes many different types of very large buildings that have been pre-drawn. Too many to fit them all on tile sets. From what I understand, usually when you parallax, you get the basics of the map down first before you move onto finishing...
  2. Cant get variable to string to work correctly

    I’m trying to set up a very basic calendar system for my game using events. The game takes place over 30 days. Here’s the start of the Common Event: Here’s the control variable that sets the variable to a string in the picture above: To test it I made a test event to see if...
  3. Event to change map name display?

    I've created a fairly large metropolitan area as my main map and I was wondering there was a plugin or way of any kind to change the stored map display name entered on the map properties page? What i'm looking for would be to use it with Yanfly's Region Events plugin to make it so a new...
  4. MV tile sets not flush up against walls

    I decided to finally buy MV yesterday and the one thing bothering me the most is that a all the objects appear not to go flush up against a wall if placed in front of one, a problem i don't recall having with VX Ace (I cant test since I use a mac now). Are there any edited packs that move the...

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Made some new friends, and blew up a puzzle... Happens. :LZSwink:
A new RPG Maker music pack is coming out soon! Below is a demo of one of the compositions in the pack, Heroic Battle. More details coming soon!

Trying to build a child-size body. Mostly happy with it except the sideview arms - can't get them to move quite right yet. Anyway, here's the work-in-progress, with an adult for size comparison.

I started in VXAce and I liked how the kids flapped their arms so that's why it's just flapping.
A character theme... finally posted some of the music tonight as celebration for 500 followers. I really like how this song came out.
Good night (or day) everyone! :kaohi:

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