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  1. woop

    RMMV Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demo

    Thank you for playing! For the overgrown path, we actually liked how the heads were just peaking above, and we thought it helped let the player know where they are in the maze. Yes! Golden Sun was an inspiration for some parts of Odicia, and we'll be adding more puzzle solving parts as you...
  2. woop

    PROBLEM SOLVED! Changing enemy image in battle

    Using Yanfly's Action Sequences and Yanfly's Weak Enemy Poses, you can get enemies to do custom poses in battle. (This only works for static sv_enemies) Use this in the enemy note tag: <Custom Enemy Pose> if (user.isStateAffected(X)) { name = 'Enemy Pose 2'; } else { name = 'Enemy Pose 1'...
  3. woop

    Monday Night Game Streams Submission

    Here's a demo of our game, Odicia:
  4. woop

    RMMV Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demo

    Thank you for playing and we're so delighted that you enjoyed our demo! Thank you for letting us know! I uploaded a fixed version to the itch website.
  5. woop

    RMMV Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demo

    Thank you! Thank you, we would really appreciate that! Thank you, I'm eager to see what you all think! Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! We'll take another look at the Captain Mullins boss fight, we felt he was too easy in earlier builds of the game, so we did try to make him a...
  6. woop

    RMMV Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demo

    SYNOPSIS Odicia follows the journey of a fire mage named Eyala Troy, as she and her comrades set out on a dangerous quest to bring an end to the Kingdom of Valhara’s corrupt crusade to cleanse the world of mysterious mystical beings known as Scions. Created by illustrators Oliver Hamlin (woop)...
  7. woop

    Stuttering/Jittering without FPS drops

    What hz monitor are you playing it on? I've experienced similar jittering on my 144 hz monitor, even with a fps sync plugin, but everything will run smoothly on my 60 hz monitor.
  8. woop

    Is there a way to have an image layer (e.g. a weapon) above side-view battlers?

    Check out this link: This plugin allows you to use the note tag <Weapon Over Actor> in the actor or weapon note box to draw the weapon image on top of the actor image.
  9. woop

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Does anyone know if there is a script call command(or plugin) to scale a battler and/or enemy? I'm intending to scale them during battle.
  10. woop

    What is the frame rate in RPG Maker's animation tab?

    Yeah I've noticed that too, I'm not exactly sure why that happens, but maybe because it doesn't divide nicely with 60 fps.
  11. woop

    What is the frame rate in RPG Maker's animation tab?

    Oh sorry, try removing the quotation marks at the beginning and end of the script, maybe it will work then.
  12. woop

    What is the frame rate in RPG Maker's animation tab?

    I don't really know the answer to your question but I might have a solution to your problem. I use this script function in a common event to change the speed of my battle animations, changing the number from 4 to 3 makes the animations run faster and smoother. Lowering the number more makes it...
  13. woop

    Changing random battles during gameplay.

    As far as I know, I don't believe the plugin can specify another map's region id simultaneously while on another map (maybe a script call function calling a specific map id could work, but I'm no expert on that). I think you can achieve what you want by assigning a switch/variable to turn on...
  14. woop

    Art by woop

    Thank you, and thank you so much for the follow! Of course not! Thank you, I've grown quite fond of these characters over the course of Inktober, and the sword 'Pumpkling' is definitely a favorite of mine too!
  15. woop

    Art by woop

    I hope you all had a happy Halloween! I made a little compilation video of all my 31 Inktober drawings!
  16. woop

    Unpaid commissioned artwork - Is it ethical for me to use as I please?

    As an artist myself, I deal with commissions quite often and have payment set up like you did, with half up front and half upon completion. It really depends on the wording of your contract between you and the client. Does your contract address the possible issue of an extended period of no...
  17. woop

    Changing random battles during gameplay.

    This would be kinda convoluted, but I think you can accomplish what you want using this plugin: RED_SetRegionId In a nutshell, this plugin changes region ids to whatever id you'd like. You would basically assign troops to certain region ids in the map properties, and when you defeat the boss...
  18. woop

    Share your favorite Hidden Gem Game OSTs

    Those are some of my favorite OSTs too, but I guess I was asking for favorite games that aren't popular/not well known.
  19. woop

    Share your favorite Hidden Gem Game OSTs

    What are some of your favorite games that have amazing sound tracks, but usually fly under the radar or you never see mentioned? I'm a sucker for any game that utilized the VRC6 chip for NES games (Castlevania 3 JP version is a great example, its my all time favorite NES OST). Here are a few...
  20. woop

    Recommended Art Softwares

    Photopea is a free online photo editor, its similar to Photoshop and it even supports .psd files. Highly convenient as you don't need to install anything.

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