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  1. RMMZ "Anti-Damage Barriers" query/help Just found MZ a few days ago and I have an issue involving the specified VisuStella plugin. Said issue revolves around the state I'm using (#32 - Shield) that is generated from two different healing spells of differing strengths...
  2. Temporary state shield

    I'm trying to create an effect similar to Final Fantasy 14's The Warden's Paean as pictured below I can manage the first part with Yanfly's State Category plugin but the next part is a bit complicated. If there is no "debuff" (as I've defined by the aforementioned plugin), it will give the...
  3. VE Battle Motions - Battleback command returns undefined

    The action sequence in Victor's Battle Motions plugin is coming with the error "undefined is not a function" whenever I attempt to change the battleback mid-sequence copy of the relevant notetags are as such: <action sequence: movement> target: other targets move: user, to target, 15, front...
  4. Reduce critical damage in certain conditions

    This may sound far-fetched (as many google searches cannot find this situation), but how do I set up a state or attachable item so that it will reduce a specific % of received critical damage? Normal non-critical is not going to be affected by this.
  5. SumRmdmDde Battle Popup Customizer + Summon Core error

    I'm having a problem using these two plugins together, despite them being from the same person; the summon itself is fine, but when it goes to do an action, the game freezes up and crashes with the message "undefined is not a function"...that's all it says. Are these incompatible or something...
  6. Check for turn count of active states

    So early on one of my actors unlocks the Biotonic skill to merely inflict poison for 4 turns. However, later on he unlocks the ability to learn Biotonic II, a direct upgrade that now inflicts minor damage but ALSO adds another 5 turns to the poison state. Does someone know the code or a notetag...
  7. Console error brings up "undefined is not a function"

    The following notetag code I'm using to ATTEMPT at counting my Emergency Tactics state is throwing an error to the console saying "undefined is not a function". Notetag: <Post-Damage Eval> if (a.isStateAfffected(25)){ value = this.isHpEffect(); if (value < 0){ b.gainHp(value * 2); } }...
  8. Random state rolls

    I'm making a "gunner" class that will have this as a possibility; every attack he does will give one of 4 random states which I will describe as several bullet types (to simulate a reload effect on top of consuming a bullet) which occur on the next skill/shot (and thus do not need timers)...
  9. Applying states and other properties for skills/traits

    I have a bit of an issue coding several types of skills which will be outlined below. 1. A skill which gives a state that functions similarly to a "time bomb" that occurs when a certain condition is fulfilled or timer runs out. 2. A "trait", as I'd like to call it, that has a skill invoke...
  10. Problem with finding an eval that's causing an error

    I have a problem with a certain class via the Skill Learn System by Yanfly. When I go to learn skills for Marsha, the base wizard, I appear to have put in some kind of conditional branch somewhere but I cannot find it. Below is the result when I try to access the Skills window for her. EDIT...
  11. New weapon; need images

    Resource Type: Weapon Images (SV) Maker Format: MV Art Style: Original MV style Description: The weapon in question is a harp, used by musicians and, in game worlds, some bard classes. I am looking for harps that are small (but not too small, about 3/4 the SV sprite size) and mobile...
  12. Cannot read property "call" of undefined

    Help? Using Victor's Cooperation Skills plugin for this. This is used for it.
  13. Skill coding of chance chains

    Before I start, I'll clarify the term "chance chains" in the title. This simply means there's a chance-based property in the skill and, if that succeeds, another chance property pops up. For instance, programming my skill, Protective Light, beyond the initial heal is getting difficult, because...
  14. Using note tags correctly

    Note tags are the bane of my existence with this program right now, and cannot get them to work... Case in point, I have a Gunner (class) named Callum (Actor). His weapon set will include pistols, rifles and shotguns. Now, two of these are naturally two-handed (exceptions include sawn-off...
  15. Setting up condition for two positive effects of different scales

    Title may not be the best way to describe it, but here goes... I decided to give Noah a self-made skill which I dubbed "Pillars of Light". What this skill is meant to do is heal the user (pretty easy, use HP recover damage type) BUT I also want it to buff the entire active party with a large...

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