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  1. noot

    Event triggering another event on touch

    Hiya. I'm wondering if there's a way through scripts to make an event trigger after another event touches it. I've found a couple scripts that are supposed to do this (namely the one by MeowFace and the one by Hime) but they don't seem to work for me.. If there are any others that anyone knows...
  2. noot

    Fixing lighting when the screen is tinted

    Heya. I've run into a small problem recently, and I was wondering if anyone knew a possible fix to this. For some parts of my game, I'm using the method of using an event graphic to create a lighting effect. However, there are some lights that I only want to turn on at night, but when the...

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Made some new friends, and blew up a puzzle... Happens. :LZSwink:
A new RPG Maker music pack is coming out soon! Below is a demo of one of the compositions in the pack, Heroic Battle. More details coming soon!

Trying to build a child-size body. Mostly happy with it except the sideview arms - can't get them to move quite right yet. Anyway, here's the work-in-progress, with an adult for size comparison.

I started in VXAce and I liked how the kids flapped their arms so that's why it's just flapping.
A character theme... finally posted some of the music tonight as celebration for 500 followers. I really like how this song came out.
Good night (or day) everyone! :kaohi:

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