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  1. residntevl

    Gauge Action System

    Procrafty updated the plugin to take care of this save corruption issue. I just think they forgot to update the version in their original post. Check below for the quoted plugin file update. Replace it with your current version and everything should be fine. Thank you @procraftynation for...
  2. residntevl

    Adding Depth to your Action Sequences

    Hi there! I'm glad you found my thread useful. As for your question regarding the ability to throw fireballs or use projectiles in combat there are a few plugins out there that are available. The one I use is a translated from Japanese plugin created by a Japanese user. It allows you to take an...
  3. residntevl

    Restoring Lost Items After a Defeat

    Have you ever been playing a game with a feature that returns you to some safe place after battle? What about maybe you're in a Dream Sequence and you lose the fight. You also lose all the really powerful healing items you said you'd never use until you really had to use them. With this neat...
  4. residntevl

    Knife Weapon Animations

    It's hard to find resources for knives and I love knives, so I made some of my own for my game, but I thought that'd I would share. Terms Credit required, credit Resi or Residntevl Free for non-commercial use Message me if you'd like to use them for commercial use. Icons Weapon Animation...
  5. residntevl

    Adding Depth to your Action Sequences

    Strange, both reference documents to in-depth documentation of Action Sequences has been removed. There were two usernames that had different links to this documentation - @Pointo8 and @Yoshifull I am not sure how to contact either of these members to see if they have any copies of their...
  6. residntevl

    Adding Depth to your Action Sequences

    This Guide goes over topics that will help you add depth to your Action Sequences. Most RPG Maker developers load up their projects with the best available plugins available to make a great game. As a developer yourself you will be told by other developers (some more experienced, some less)...
  7. residntevl

    Yanfly Battle Results Massive Slowdown/Lag

    I think you might be mistaken as to what the HIME_Aftermath is. It's a patch for using Victory Aftermath + BattleActionExp so that the results are properly shown during the Victory Aftermath. On that note, though, I did think the issue stemmed from those specific plugins somehow generating...
  8. residntevl

    Yanfly Battle Results Massive Slowdown/Lag

    EDIT - Sorry if you saw this before I finished typing up the question, pressed enter on accident. Hi there, I'm dealing with an issue which has really been a thorn in my side since it's started popping up. I'm using a multitude of plugins and it's partially not possible for me to test each...
  9. residntevl

    Custom Skill Requirements Requiring a Weapon

    Awesome, this works out. It does however clutter the Skills Menu outside of battle with a bunch of menus per skill, but it's not a big deal. Time to spend more hours editing the database (and hoping I don't come across a better answer ;o) Thank you so much for this.
  10. residntevl

    Custom Skill Requirements Requiring a Weapon

    That does sound like a good idea. I do use Bobstah's Battle Commands, which would probably mean I have to then define all the STypes into those notetags as well, but if it helps the design it's not a problem. One thing I tried was to figure out if it were possible to check the baseItemId of...
  11. residntevl

    Custom Skill Requirements Requiring a Weapon

    I have a system in place where characters must use a skill shop to learn skills. The game uses a ranks system of sorts. Items, weapons, skills, armors are all part of this rank system. I want to create a system where you can't use skills of a lower or higher rank if you are not using the same...
  12. residntevl

    Custom Skill Requirements Requiring a Weapon

    <Custom Requirement> value = false; for (i = 0; i < user._equips.length; i++) { if (user._equips[i]._dataClass == 'weapon' && user._equips[i]._itemId === 2) { value = true; } } </Custom Requirement> Hi there, I am currently using a variety of plugins, but what I am dealing with...
  13. residntevl

    Common Event on State End / Removal

    Oh, hm. How did I not notice that plugin? Thank you very much for your help.
  14. residntevl

    Common Event on State End / Removal

    Hi there, I'm looking to add a state to my game that has a common event run after the state is removed or ends after turn/action timing. I was wondering how to do that. Thank you for any help.
  15. residntevl

    Mythic Victory Arena

    Bobstahs battle commands is how I show the icons in battle. Yes, I'm using the mouse plugin. I wanted to make a click based game with MV due to its more free nature in terms of programming language. Any suggestions for the ui text if it's a concern of yours?
  16. residntevl

    Mythic Victory Arena

    @Clangeddin: I like your feedback. The starting characters hire rates will be adjusted to be the same across the board. I'll include an option to farm the previous match (up to 3 times) but it will not count towards your consecutive win bonus. Practice mode is only enabled once you've lost a...
  17. residntevl

    Mythic Victory Arena

    @fish - I'm currently aware of the repetitive nature of the project at this point in time. It's currently serving as a base which I will be modifying until it's in a much more unique state. Originally I intended for this to be a mobile game and I was trying to keep it simple although I am not a...
  18. residntevl

    Mythic Victory Arena

    Purchase the game on Steam - Introduction: ★ Welcome to Mythic Victory Arena! ★ Mythic Victory Arena is a role playing game focusing on battle encounters. You select a character, hone your skills, and fight inside the arena against hordes of enemies. Come out victorious and you will be...
  19. residntevl

    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    This is pretty simple. If you're using Yanfly's Equip core, find Scene_Equip.prototype.createCommandWindowand add: this._commandWindow.setHandler('status',    this.commandStatus.bind(this));to the list of commands. Under the command list, outside of the createCommandWindow block, add this...
  20. residntevl

    Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization v2.2.1 - Updated 05/17/2017

    I actually opted to use STypes because of how I'm handling skills in my game right now. It's a really intuitive design.

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