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  1. RedRose190

    (ACE) Looking for a zooming script that doesn't lag and lower the fps.

    Hello! happy easter! As i said in the tittle i have tried 2 zooming scripts but both had some issues.. The first one was: Map Effects by Zeus81. When i zoom-in it lags and lower my fps from 60 to 9 (with events and without.) And the second one i tried was MGC TileMap Ace by MGC that did not lag...
  2. RedRose190

    Need a little help with event settings.

    Hello! i want to ask what settings do i place in a event or on common event when i want: 1) when i press a button something happens 2) if i press the same button again something else happen? Here is my settings: what do i add?
  3. RedRose190

    Recommending a good RPG maker game i just finished!

    I just finished playing Eternal Senia on steam!! (7 hours!) it's free by the way and THE GAMEPLAY WAS 9/10 !! It was exactly what i wanted to play.. A simple battle system and relaxing and fun experience! I am super excited because i suck at games and this one was simple enough to beat it but it...
  4. RedRose190

    (VX ACE) Load save file without without opening window script?

    Hello! i need the load file script without opening scene control window i found this > DataManager.load_game(0) but it does not work for me..
  5. RedRose190

    [VX ACE] Asking: When compressing Game Data why i should or not Create Encrypted Archive and include RTP Data?

    Hello! Happy New Year! I didn't know in what category i should post this since i didn't found any ask category but i hope this is ok. So as i say in the tittle when i compress game data its for the best to create Encrypted Archive and include RTP Data? and why? What do they do? I could release...
  6. RedRose190

    Diversity XP Mack Template Pack For XP - 12 Recolours!

    - Diversity XP Mack Pack Edits - We need some diversity on RPG MAKER too! :biggrin: They are not much.. But i really wanted to make them and share them! I hope you like them! They are NOT loose Leaf templates. They are XP templates made for RPG Maker XP You can check out the same sprites for...
  7. RedRose190

    Diversity XP Mack Template Pack For VX/ACE - 12 Recolours!

    - Diversity XP Mack Pack Edits - We need some diversity on RPG MAKER too! :biggrin: They are not much.. But i really wanted to make them and share them! Also this is my first resource post i hope you like them! They are NOT loose Leaf templates. They are XP templates made for RPG Maker VX and...
  8. RedRose190

    Height and width options for non-combat menu script

    Hello! i use mjshi's non-combat menu and i would like to ask if someone can make it to have Height and width options (On item menu because the main menu is already small) so it doesn't take up the entire screen. It would be nice if someone helped a little with this nice script and to add this...
  9. RedRose190

    Need a Simple Working Self-Switch script

    Hello! I tried scripts and "commands" like that and i can't make them work.. maybe i do it wrong? i used
  10. RedRose190

    Event goes automatic on second page when game starts without command

    Hello! i created a event with some texts and a second empty page. when i start my game the event goes on second page without player react with it and without having a command to go on the second page (self switch or anyting.) Is this a bug? i tried to delete all the rest events on the map and...
  11. RedRose190

    Simple Shooting fireballs by player, script or event tutorial? - vx ace

    Hello! i use rpg maker vx ace and as the title says does anyone can recomend me a simple kinda Shooting fireballs script or event tutorial? i looked up on google but i didn't had any luck.. I also found a youtube video that shows what i need but the guy that posted it didn't had script or...
  12. RedRose190

    Hello to everyone!

    Hello! my name is Anna and i am new here! i have the rpg maker vx ace and right now im making my first game Im very open to chat with all so message me, we can speak for our games if you too making one and maybe i can help with somethings? i don't know maybe you can help me haha lets have good...
  13. RedRose190

    In the item menu when i select an item/key i need the actor menu selecting to hide.

    Hello everyone! i am new here this is the first time i making a post and i need help.. Also i am from Greece and English is not my first language so i'm sorry for my mistakes.. A long time now i am working at making my first own game, i want to mention that i kinda know how to work with rpg...

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