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  1. DarkAdria

    Deploy for Mac from Windows

    Hello everybody. I hope I am not on the wrong subforum when post my my topic. I've seen topics similar to my issue, but haven't seen any like it. Sorry if this topic is repeated, but as I said, I have not seen any. The fact is that I finished my project a few days ago and I did the deployment...
  2. DarkAdria

    Image freeze - RPG Maker MV

    Hello everybody. I hope my post goes here. If not, please move it where it is needed. I am finishing my project (after 3 years) and yesterday an error arose that had never appeared to me in all this time. The problem is that it has arisen 3 times in two days and what happens is that the image...
  3. DarkAdria

    Substitute protects from Magic attack

    I am embarrassed to ask again, you have already helped me a lot in this forum, but I have a problem with the configuration of a skill again. I have searched the forum and I have not found any topic that asked exactly what I need. The thing is, I've created a skill that aims to protect the rest...
  4. DarkAdria

    I need Certain hit not to ignore resistance.

    Hi all. I would like to make an inquiry, to see if anyone could help me. I have created a skill that has Success: 50%. This ability causes Death status 1000%. The idea is that this ability fails half of the time but, if it hits, it always causes Death. Some enemies are "immune to Death", but if...
  5. DarkAdria

    Problem with Jump + ATB

    Hi all. I have seen this forum and I have decided to register, so I am new here. First, I would like to apologize for the language, English is not my native language. I wanted to make an inquiry, to see if anyone can help me. (If this topic already exists in the forum, I apologize, I have not...

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