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  1. rafaelzimrp

    Problem while removing actors in Battle

    Oh nooo now the battle won't even start xD Ahhh sorry I'm so lost. :(
  2. rafaelzimrp

    Problem while removing actors in Battle

    Yay, looks like that fixed some of it! :) Should I try repeating the same for all these errors?
  3. rafaelzimrp

    Problem while removing actors in Battle

    Seems like that wasn't it. By the way, it works OK when I add an actor. The problem happens only when they're removed, it seems. I don't think Yanfly's script has anything to do with it, since it works fine when I remove an actor using that and not using Luna Engine. Btw, GTG Sleep for now, be...
  4. rafaelzimrp

    Problem while removing actors in Battle

    Didnt work, unfortunately. :/ Here's the Debug SS. Thanks for the help, guys!
  5. rafaelzimrp

    Problem while removing actors in Battle

    Greetings, I'm havind trouble when using the engine. Whenever an actor is removed through an event or through the escape skill tag while in battle, the game crashes with the following error message: "Script 'Battle Luna line 1194: NoMethodError ocurred. Error ocurred, check the debug console...

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