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  1. Annwfn

    Hello folks: quick brainstorm request!

    Hello everyone, am again encountering an issue with "stance switching" through events. Am really looking to understand how or what can actually delay the continuation of an event while it already triggered, preventing it from moving further... Situation: <> there are 4 AI patrolling an area...
  2. Annwfn

    Force Stop Player/ Event Movement?

    Hello everyone, I would need an answer to a solution I don't seem to be able to fix. I would require a script or something that stops and cancels any movement the player or an event would still have to do when their controlling event is closed, instead of still staying stuck to following all of...
  3. Annwfn

    Hello folks! How to proceed best with releasing a demo of my game?

    Hello everyone, Annwfn here, again! This time with a request on releasing a demo of my game, which will be 1 year of age on the 13th of March! Yey me ^^ I have read some posts around here, but didn't seem to find too much Windows-related. My game is gonna be a Visual Novel mainly (the Chapter I...
  4. Annwfn

    Skills needed for a card game plugin. Please help with tips!

    Hello community, it's me again, Annwfn, with a kind request. I am willing to create an intricate card-based plugin for RPG Maker MV which I am willing to give an intricate AI, animations and whatever it needs to imitate a Yu-Gi-Oh! like TCG. What skills do you think I need to achieve this? What...
  5. Annwfn

    MOG's Timer Plugin

    Hello folks, me again! I really don't feel too good about asking for help, but JavaScript is something I have recently dived into, but I don't have too much time to giff to it to become better. I am working on what I plan to be THE most intricate game in RPG Maker MV (mechanic wise) and I have...
  6. Annwfn

    Hello! Fast and easy way/ tutorial to create own animated tiles like in tileset A1?

    Hello everyone, happy RPG Makin' and may this year be ever more fruitful and fulfilling! I come with a quick request, but a serious one. I have reached the 999 event limit on my main map of the University (300+ animations through cyclic events - before you ask, there is little to no lag, and am...
  7. Annwfn

    Remember Event remaining movement commands on map switching.

    Hello everyone! I am working on my first video game in RPG Maker MV. And I am interested in creating highly mechanic-intricate situations, however... My students moving around in the large maps that I have comes with a problem... The upper floors of the University are on a different map, and...
  8. Annwfn

    Hello folks! Parallel map run plugin?

    Hello everyone! I have been working on my first video game in Rpg Maker MV for 10 months now and have bumped into a problem with maps resetting everything. My University has 2 grand main maps, over which students will move around. Their movement is triggered by time, but... if the player...

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