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  1. Tonedawg181

    Slightly Randomize Amount of XP Gained For Each Character (SOLVED)

    EDIT: Skip to my second to last comment on the thread for a working result. (near the middle of page 2) So, in most rpg games (not made by rpg maker) not every character receives the same amount of XP after every battle. For example: In Final Fantasy 8, whoever had the killing blow on the...
  2. Tonedawg181

    SOLVED!! Dragonbones Breaks Animations of Non-Dragonbone SV Enemies.

    Engine: RPG Maker MV v1.5.0 Problematic Plugin: KELYEP_DragonBones v1.05 & YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies working together. UPDATE: Scroll down to the first comment in the comments section of this post if you have this same problem! I have fixed it!!!! Ok, so I'm using yanfly's animated sv enemies...
  3. Tonedawg181

    Mog Weather Effects, Make 2 Effects Active At Same Time

    Engine: Rpg Maker MV Plugin: MOG_Weather_EX Hi, I'm using mog's weather effects plugin, and although I do like it a lot, I was curious if there was any way to have 2 weather effects going at once. Example: His title screen plugin allows several at once, and there is a part in my game where...
  4. Tonedawg181

    Can you adjust the width of the boxes in Yanfly's Save Core?

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Plugin: Yanfly Save Core Is there a way to increase the width of the boxes for the data columns? You can increase the font size but the border box's width doesn't scale up in size. I attached a picture below with a font size of 28 for the data columns. I believe the height...
  5. Tonedawg181

    Anyone Wanna Take a Whack at Fixing These Faces?

    So I scaled up all the vx ace faces/emotion faces to work for mv using waifu and photoshop. But when you do this you end up with a lot of little pixel problems that need to be fixed, every character has different problems that needs to be fixed, and inconsistency's that you need to find...
  6. Tonedawg181

    Is it possible to add vx characters to the mv parts generator?

    So I'm using all characters from vx ace that I scaled up to work in mv because I had waaaaay more resources in vx ace than I do in mv. My question is, is there a way I can throw whole characters from vx ace into the mv character generator to make my sv actors? Even if i gotta piece out the hair...
  7. Tonedawg181

    SOLVED! Help with MOG's Menu System. Width of Items Selected on Equip Screen.

    EDIT: So my issue was the selected/highlighted item on the Equip screen. While using moghunter's "monogatari" menu, basically what is happening is it takes the width of this bar from the default menu layer hidden below the new custom menu. The reason this was a problem was, because if you also...
  8. Tonedawg181

    Little Fix for Moghunter's MV Menu System Skills Screen XY SW Par Problem

    EDIT: Moghunter updated his skills screen with this fix, so if you download the newest version this will already be fixed, you could also do what I did though if you prefer. I'm not sure if every release of this script has this issue but I'm using the one that came with his Master_MV_18_3r zip...
  9. Tonedawg181

    Controller Support For Title Screen

    This is a very minor detail, and if it is completely un-doable I can live without it. But is there any script out there, or anyone know how to make a script for the Title Screen of your game (the very first screen when you first open your game) to have support for controllers? The OK button...

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