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  1. frokas

    Assistance with button mash to escape!

    Hello guys, I've been working on a game where there's no combat, as there are some monsters to avoid (those default little slimes, yep) I am trying to make it that if the player gets touched by it he needs to smash the button in order to escape. Maybe add a nice HUD graphics to it as to how...
  2. frokas

    Help with playing a video on my project

    Hello guys. So a friend of mine managed to animate a couple images. He sent me the animation in .mp4 and I converted it in .webm. I can play the movie fine on the default engine but it does not allow me to do pretty much anything. I tried MoviePicture.js by the fellow japanese developer...
  3. frokas

    Assistance with making a state reduce your on-map movement speed.

    Hello. I am attempting to create a state that once inflicted will reduce your movement speed. What happens is. (My game has no battles so I want the player to just make sure to avoid the enemies) What I have done so far: A event runs toward you after you alert it. If you get hit, you have 25%...
  4. frokas

    Porting to MAC OS X and safeguarding my assets?

    Hello guys, I wanted to ask if there is a similar program like Enigma Virtual box to safeguard my assets the same way it does on Windows by converting it all in one .exe file. Many thanks for the replies.
  5. frokas

    Question regarding images on MV

    Hello there, I am new around here. I am making a small game and I had an artist make me some images for the characters that I have. Problem is the images are in 3000 x 3000 and of course that is too big for the engine to handle but when I try to shrink it, it loses too much of the quality too...
  6. frokas

    Turning off an Item

    Hello there, I am new to the RPG Making community, I am trying to make an item that is a lantern and I am doing this through a common event at the moment (I dont know how else I can do this ) My problem is after turning it on once, after using the item again it doesnt remove the state, any ideas?

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