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  1. Banjo

    RMMV Yanfly Event Mini-Labels - Require Facing diagonal issue

    I've just started using this plugin ( but am having trouble with the "facing" part. I am using the labels to appear over a door when a player stands in front of it, so they know where it leads before opening it. This works fine in that the...
  2. Banjo

    Picket fence for MV (preferably autotile but anything is useful)

    There was a hread here from 2014 that went unresolved, but I'm looking for a modern-style picket fence, preferably a white one, that would suit a 20th-21st century modern house. The RTP autotile fences are all "fantasy" and/or heavy stone or wooden "logs" rather than a modern "paling" wooden...
  3. Banjo

    Looking for MV RTP-style "kids toys" and/or "geek stuff" tiles/sprites

    I'm sure these exist in a set somewhere, but I'll be darned if I can find them! I'm not that fussy, though my idea would be "Transformers" style toy robot or two, and/or an anime-girl-style statuette... but really, any MV-scale toy robots, building blocks, Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels style cars...
  4. Banjo

    Cheongsam dress generator part or female character wearing one and/or "Chun Li" style hair

    You know, those slinky tight shiny Chinese style dresses? Red would be preferred, but gold or blue would be fine too, or anything really as I can always recolour it if need be. I'm surprised I haven't found one, and suspect there are a few already made that someone hopefully can just point me...
  5. Banjo

    Add a custom option to the "Options" menu?

    How do I add a custom option to the main menu "Options" screen? I'd like to be able to run a common event from there ideally, if not toggle a switch or use a plugin command. I'm assuming doing this may require a 3rd party plugin, which is fine, but I've not been able to find one that seems able...
  6. Banjo

    How do I use "nicnkame"?

    Actors can have a "nickname" field... but I've yet to find a way to actually use it. I presume I'm missing something obvious, but how do I: * SET IT (I'm using the Name input then redirecting that to the nickname... is there a more efficient way?) * SHOW IT IN MESSAGES (I have to set a variable...
  7. Banjo

    Gas Mask for MV generator?

    Does anyone know if someone has made a "gas mask" (as in, the sort of thing you'd see in post apocalypse movies or war movies) face and/or character part for the MV generator? Failing that, a character and/or face wearing a gas mask? I've been looking for something like the one Psycho Mantis...
  8. Banjo

    How to do YEP "chase event"... but not "chase" the player at all?

    I found this thread but I wanted to also use the YEP Stealth plugin which AFAIK doesn't work with Event Proximity Activate. :( Is there really not a way to use YEP's chase event plugin to spot the player but *not* chase, just "detect" (and thus fire off a common event I've got set up)?
  9. Banjo


    I'm looking for a simple front door mat (you know, the kind that sometimes says "Welcome" on it, though I'd be happy with or without words on it). Preferably the traditional brown "coarse" kind, but I'm not that fussy... I just want something I can place in front of house doors to mark the entry...
  10. Banjo

    Creating a simple virtual "deck of cards"?

    I know there are custom plugins for complex CCGs and card game minigames, but that's not what I need. Instead, here's what I want to do... 1) There are four different card "types" (for example: earth, fire, wind, water). 2) Sitting on a table is a "deck" of cards that contains the following 8...
  11. Banjo

    Use a random item from the player's inventory... possible?

    Is the following possible...? I want to have an event pick a *random item* from the player's inventory, use it (triggering it's effect as normal, even if just a common event) and thus remove it (consumable) from the player's inventory. I can't seem to figure out how to do this, either via...
  12. Banjo

    Special Characters in Text Boxes (hearts, etc.)?

    In older versions of RPG Maker, you could add cool "special characters" like hearts, swords, etc. to the text box as explained here: This doesn't seem possible anymore in RPG Maker VX Ace or higher, presumably because of a change in how fonts are used...
  13. Banjo

    Make a balloon wait until completion with a script call?

    Using the normal Event option, you can make the game wait until a balloon completes its animation, but I need to use a script call for this since I'm using a variable for the event id. This works fine, but the game doesn't pause for the balloon to finish and I can't figure out how to make it do...
  14. Banjo

    Deer/wild boar/rabbit battler?

    I'm sure I saw one somewhere on these very forums, but I can't seem to locate it now. Has someone ever made a deer battler? I don't need a sideview type, just the normal kind, to match the RTP style. I'd also love a wild boar and/or rabbit if those existed (for the former, I've only found an...
  15. Banjo

    Work bench ("crafting bench") for MV (fitting the RTP)

    I've been looking for something to use as a "crafting point" (or just decoration), I'm surprised that I haven't been able to find something like this here. I'd like something that fits the default MV resources, and can be used for both "modern" or fantasy games, though my main preference is for...
  16. Banjo

    Request for a small "addon" to combine YR_ItemCrafting and FROG Talent Core

    I've been trying to do this myself, but to no avail... neither with events (messy, even if it worked) or altering the code. Since I know very little about MV's coding (especially compared to VXA), I was hoping some generous person could help me out by creating a small addon plugin that would...
  17. Banjo

    Skills require enemy (or player) to be in a certain state to use?

    I'm pretty sure this must already exist as a plugin (presumably Yanfly) since I know I had one that worked with VXA, but could someone please point me towards the best way to do this? Basically, what I need is: Player can only use skill X on an enemy when that enemy is already suffering from...
  18. Banjo

    Is there any Survival System plugins for MV?

    This one for VXA seem exactly what I need: Has anyone created something similar? In particular, I was liking the option to show the "needs" gauges either on a HUD at all times or in the main menu. Key for me, in order of preference...
  19. Banjo

    Is there a way to allow walking "closer" to walls?

    I've suddenly become interested in shifting objects so they are "up against walls", leading to a much less blocky map design. It looks great when I tested it by editing the tilesets (shifted all cupboards, beds, etc. up 24px), and I even found a plugin that will do this without having to edit...
  20. Banjo

    Hairbrush and purse/handbag sprite

    I'm looking for something basic that I can't find in any modern tilesets: a simple hairbrush and a ladies' purse/handbag. I was going to use them in either MV or VX (ideally, I'd like both, but MV is preferable). They just need to be static "tiles"; I don't need them as generator parts, battler...

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