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  1. Loading/Save with Variables

    Hey! So, I wrote your command DataManager.save_game(0) Slot 0 for Save slot 1 The Game just have 1 Save slot. If you want to save the game you cannot save it via menu, you have to find a object lets call it save stone, i made it with tansfering the player into the "save map" which asking if...
  2. Loading/Save with Variables

    Hello! I have a problem with my actually project. Is it somehow possible to do a save/load scene with variables? I also want to  remove the basic save slots with 15 slots (that the normal save slot do not appear if you save the file) Maybe its possible to do it with map and calling the...
  3. How do i make a time counter with variables

    Problem solved. I made it. ^^
  4. How do i make a time counter with variables

    Hello Rpg Maker Forum! I'm new at this Forum, and I have a little problem with my game at the moment. I can't make a Time-Counter for my Menu. The menu i made by my self is done with Variables and Teleport/Maps. I know that i need 6 event pages with fixed graphic and a other event on the...

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