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  1. mayhem4masses

    Extract Events to Text File

    Thanks Shaz, that was the problem. :D
  2. mayhem4masses

    Extract Events to Text File

    This is a great script, however I got tis error message whenever I try to run it. Script 'Text Script' Line 111: Errno::EACCES occurred. Permission denied - Data/_EventDialogue.txt Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. mayhem4masses

    [NC-17] Wine & Roses

    This looks very good, I'm downloading it right now. I like the idea of the skeletal Lord. The artwork by Evening Prayer is very nice. :)
  4. mayhem4masses

    RMVX Tales of the Drunken Paladin: Version 3! (April 2017)

    Downloading now, I love satirical role playing. Oh man it's at 46% come on come on. Can't wait to play! Update: Pretty funny so far. Very detailed, I love the fact that he has something to say about almost everything in the game, so many game devs don't even take the time to do that, nice job.
  5. mayhem4masses

    WHERE can you sell your game? What are the requirements?

    This is very informative thank you! I wish I had known this before I spent hours googling everything. I did find out all this info before the hard way, had I simply noticed this post I could have saved myself some headache. ;) 10 years now (since RMK2k) I have been doing this, and only...
  6. mayhem4masses

    The One Night Trilogy (3 Full Horror Games)

    I played the first and second game, looking forward to the third. Just downloaded the trilogy. ;)

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