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  1. Lear

    YEP Shop Menu Core not displaying <stat Plus: > stats

    Hi all. There seems to be an issue between a couple of Yanfly scripts, the YEP_ShopMenuCore being the problem giver, and YEP_BaseParamControl being what I need to work with ShopMenuCore. The issue: With BaseParamControl, you can give weapons (among other things) a tag of <x Plus: y>, where x...
  2. Lear

    How to refresh an actors stats?

    I can't figure out how to use a script call to refresh an actors stats for the menu screen. I thought it would be something along the lines of: $; But that doesnt seem to help my issue. Anyone know what I can use to refresh a characters stats (hp/mp/other...
  3. Lear

    How to check if player is on menu screen

    Could anyone by chance tell me how to implement a conditional branch script call to check if the player has the menu (with the commands: skills, items, etc.) opened or closed? Any input would be greatly appreciated! (Or if there's another means to check if the player is on the menu screen, that...
  4. Lear

    Requesting: Database Limit Breaker (MV)

    Alright, so the project I'm currently working on is quite seemingly an undertaking in terms of needed skills & states. I've searched here and all of google in search for an MV version of a database limit breaker (as seen made and used for some previous Rpg Makers) There may be a simple...
  5. Lear

    YEP Skill Learn System

    Howdy, So I'm working with the Yanfly Skill Learn System for MV, and to my dismay, there is no way to reset a characters JP/Skills learned. I had decided to attempt to use Lunatic mode to tell it to save abilities purchased to actor specific variables, but I kept getting errors. I'm no wiz...

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