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  1. myenemy


    ME_LastDoor 1.1.0 myenemy Introduction A plugin to return to where you teleported from. Features - Teleport to dynamic dungeons being able to teleport back to the entrance! - Make "Castle in a bottle" items and events like FE: Fates "My castle"! Description In many videogames, there's a hub...
  2. myenemy

    RMMZ How do I get my code called by game flow OR Maximum Call Stack Size in empty plugins

    I begun to make a lot of plugin scripts, but I've noticed many of them are incompatible together, getting "Maximum Call Stack Size" error. I usually overwrite the default function like this: var _savetheoriginalFUNCTION = FUNCTION; //Assume the function I call is named "FUNCTION", and it has no...
  3. myenemy

    ME_CopyActor 1.0.0

    ME_CopyActor 1.0.0 myenemy Introduction This plugin allows you to copy features from an actor to another one. Features Copy from one actor to another: - Looks - Skills - Class - Traits - States - Equipment - Buffs - ... - And all together! You can also use it to create new actors mid-game...
  4. myenemy

    RMMZ [Solved]actor.changeEquip nulls faceName on Optimize or Clear equipment

    I tried to adapt my plugin EquipActor from MV to MZ, but after trying and making the adaptations, and a couple of code cleanings, in my tests, equiping or unequiping the piece of gear will work just as intended: Equip the piece of gear, the actor disappears, unequip it, the actor appears. But if...
  5. myenemy

    ME_EquipActor 1.0.0

    ME_EquipActor 1.0.0 myenemy This is another adaptation to MZ Introduction I had made a plugin to answer a request where one actor could equip another as a item. Now I am adapting my plugins to MZ. Features - Equip one actor (item) to another. Video How to Use In order to make it work...
  6. myenemy


    ME_FakeDLC 1.0.0 myenemy Introduction This is a plugin I already released, but for MV. I didn't have to change much, just put th enotation to remove the warning. This is a plugin for locked content requested unofficially by A-ster that may be somehow used as dlc. Since it doesn't work as DLC...
  7. myenemy

    ME_FakeDLC 1.0.0

    ME_FakeDLC 1.0.0 myenemy Introduction This is a plugin for locked content requested unofficially by A-ster that may be somehow used as dlc. Since it doesn't work as DLC for real, I named it FakeDLC. Features - Manage switches and variables before entering the game. - Control locked content...
  8. myenemy

    Obfuscate non JS files

    Hi. I have a question about EULA and GPL. I'm developing a few scripts... As far as I've understood, I can't obfuscate them unless I provide a link or a simple way to get the original, I'm not so sure, but I prefer to not do so anyway. Some of the scripts I'm making, read files that the player...
  9. myenemy

    How can I make the game wait?

    I'm trying to make a plugin that requires the editor's wait command twice, one of them for a customized animation, Game_Interpreter.prototype.command230, that calls Game_Interpreter.prototype.wait. I read on that spreadsheet I could just use $gameInterpreter.wait(), but $gameInterpreter does not...
  10. myenemy

    ME_EquipActor 1.0.0

    ME_EquipActor 1.0.0 myenemy This may exist or not, but this is my take at it. Introduction Someone made a request for VX Ace to equip a item equivalent to an actor in the party in the forum I'm usually at. I thought I'd make it for MV, as I felt it would be easy to make, and I'd post it here...
  11. myenemy

    [Solved]How can I check what or who unequiped?

    Out of my tests I managed to discover you just equip a null in order to unequip. Just today I noticed it's not just "a way to do so", but the default behavior MV has. I'm making a plugin where it does something with a notetag upon equiping any kind of item as long as it has a specific notetag...
  12. myenemy

    [Solved] Why does paySkillCost work different in battle?

    [Solved] I tried to make a script for a specific effect for skills with a specific notetag (I still don't know how to name it). I tested, and if I activate the skill on the map, it works just fine, but in battle, I get "Cannot read property 'length' of null" error in the "if (match.lenght>1)"...
  13. myenemy

    Learning skills past change class

    I'm making a half script, half engine that requires one char changing classes in the process. This char may or not be on lvl 99 by the time it's used, player's choice. The change class I must use is the one from the script call, {actor}.changeClass function. The issue I came across, is one of...
  14. myenemy

    Length of database before "New Game"

    It's hard to explain... I added a property to both actors and enemies in a plugin I'm trying to make. I tried to give it values for different enemies and actors with notetags, from the database, but everytime I try to check the length of Game_Actors, or $gameActors, it returns 0 or undefined in...
  15. myenemy

    [Solved] "Change Parameter..." in JS

    In event commands, there's a "change parameter", that works for the full party or specified actors. Change parameter adds or lowers base stats of a given actor or the full party, and these changes are retained even after leveling up/down, I'm not sure about after changing classes. I need to...

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