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  1. twistedMind

    Help* How to dash the player for Android

    Anyone know how to activate "TriggerDash" command that function when you hold-press a certain button (from the image I shown with the red arrow). I know that you can just turn ON "Always dashing" from the menu, but I want the player to run (dash) only when you hold-press a running button. As for...
  2. twistedMind

    Picture Common Event

    How do I make the d-pad or action button picture appear correctly in the game? I already download yanfly original button for the movement, action, menu, etc. But...when I show picture, the picture does not appear like yanfly video about picture common event. Do I need to edit the picture size ...
  3. twistedMind

    Button mash event

    :|  anyone know how to create button mash event without using plugin? I prefer to create it manually because I don't want to install many plugin in my game. Umm, I want to make a button mashing for when the player pushing a boulder, it got stuck in a hole. So the player need to button mash the...
  4. twistedMind

    Save Continue Issue

    Can someone help to solve my save game problem  :(  I can't continue to complete my game with the issue right now. The problem is I can save my game manually but cannot continue or load my game from the main menu. The continue only greyed out, so why I can save the game if in the end I cannot...

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