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  1. deficiencyproductionz

    MADO tool installation problems

    EDIT: oopsie, I figured it out already
  2. deficiencyproductionz


    Please PM me if you're interested in contributing. Link to game in signature.
  3. deficiencyproductionz


    PLAY FREE DEMO NOW ON ITCH!! STORY TEASER: The world ends in seven moons. Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are... out of place? No, how could you? After all, these are cosmic matters; he consumes systematically and indiscriminately. Indeed, our only hope is the very Goddess we shunned...
  4. deficiencyproductionz

    Troubleshooting RPG Maker 3 Music for MV

    Anyone here also own the rpg maker 3 music DLC for MV? The audio doesn't seem to loop properly even though it's .ogg, so I was wondering if someone else knew how to fix it. Thank you for reading!
  5. deficiencyproductionz

    Moghunter's Battler Motion Request

    Hi there! I'm using Moghunter's Battler Motion v1.8. I was wondering if someone could help me disable the shadows it draws under battlers with the "float effect", as there isn't an option for it in the parameters. A person who helps me with this will receive proper credit in my project :)
  6. deficiencyproductionz

    How would I make projectiles from the XAS battle system glow using Victor's light effects?

    I want to make a boss battle that is lit only by the character's torch and the boss's projectiles.  How would I make projectiles from the XAS battle system glow using Victor's light effects? The battle system being used: The lighting script being used...

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