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  1. NeoShima

    Saves doesn't work in my compiled game

    Okey. Thanks a lot. You just saved my day! Have a nice day : )
  2. NeoShima

    Saves doesn't work in my compiled game

    Thanks. It works, but now I don't know how to install these 2 folders with the installer. Which tool you can advise for creating an installer?
  3. NeoShima

    Saves doesn't work in my compiled game

    Right now, I have installed my game on this path: "C:/ShimaProd(This is my organization name)" and when I enter the game I still can't save! What I did wrong?
  4. NeoShima

    Saves doesn't work in my compiled game

    Ohhhh, that's what are you talking about! Yeah, I installed it in C://ProgramFiles(x86)
  5. NeoShima

    Saves doesn't work in my compiled game

    I'm using Yanfly's Save Core. So I guess it saves in www/save. I have a Single Executable. It contains all the files inside it. About where it is installed, I have a game installer and user can choose where you want to install a game.
  6. NeoShima

    Saves doesn't work in my compiled game

    I have made a Single Executable of my game with Enigma Virtual Box and now the "save" feature just doesn't work in my game. I'm close to release, pls, help me! How can I fix this?
  7. NeoShima

    RMMV Loading Error of event indicator (MOG_EventIndicators Plugin)

    Hello everyone I have a weird issue. I'm using the MOG_EventIndicator Plugin to make "New Quest" and "Active Quest" images above my NPCs. I have no idea why this issue appears. Because I have NPC with this kinda feature in 2 maps and at one map when the player takes quest and image swap the...
  8. NeoShima

    Someone have "Idle animation" plugin?

    I need it. Is there any available? Or how can I create idle animation for my characters?
  9. NeoShima

    How can I disable window-sizing of my game?

    I know that if you click on the window border you can change the size of the game. So can I disable this feature?
  10. NeoShima

    "Press any key" feature

    Sorry for my native language, but I wrote them in English below! That's what is going on when I use SRD's plugin. "Press any key" layer is above my title screen. That's not what I want. I'm using these plugins for the title screen. (screenshot below)
  11. NeoShima

    "Press any key" feature

    I want something like: press start -> title scene with menu
  12. NeoShima

    "Press any key" feature

    I'm very bad at JavaScript and right know I feel embarrassed that I can't make such an easy feature. So, help me pls! How can I make a pre-title feature "Press any key"? How can I write this kinda plugin by my self?
  13. NeoShima

    How can I add synthesis menu (YEP.ItemSynthesis) if I have YEP.MainMenuManager?

    I have a problem. In my game, I have "Gameus Quest System" plugin that has to be added to the main menu with YEP.MainMenuManager, also I have YEP.ItemSynthesis, that I am using for Alchemy in my game. If I turn on YEP.MainMenuManager then "Alchemy" button disappears from the game menu, but the...
  14. NeoShima

    Bleeding effect when attack by a knife

    I have added a knife to my game. And also I have added a "bleeding" statement. I know how to add effect to skill, but I don't know how to make this with weapons. Can you help me?
  15. NeoShima

    Bow animation

    Hello everybody! I hope you all have a good day! I need a help. In my game, I have a character that uses a bow in a fight. Some time ago I used YEP. Battle animations and all of the action sequences, I have changed the usual attack animation to this : And of course, bow animation doesn't work...
  16. NeoShima

    Aditional text to "Iavra pop-up plugin"

    Thanks for your response! I will try it!
  17. NeoShima

    Aditional text to "Iavra pop-up plugin"

    I have "Iavra pop-up plugin" that allows me to make notify when a Player earns achievements. As I know, how it works: 1) Plugin draws window 2) Plugin draws icon, that I notice in "JSON" file 3) Plugin draws achievement title, that I notice in "JSON" file. And it looks like this (screenshot...
  18. NeoShima

    Resolution problems with GALV'S FISHING GAME PLUGIN

    GALV answered! OMG! Thanks, man, I will fix it, if something goes wrong I'll text you.
  19. NeoShima

    Achievements plugin

    Hello! I hope you will answer me! When my player gets an achievement, the colour of the pop-up text is black. I want it to be white, what's wrong? Screenshot down below!
  20. NeoShima

    Resolution problems with GALV'S FISHING GAME PLUGIN

    I have "GALV'S fishing game plugin" installed in my game. My game has 1104x624 resolution, I made this with YEP_CoreEngine. But when entering the fishing mini-game resolution die.(screenshot) That's how it looks like for me : ( Is there any way how I can fix this and continue making game in...

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