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  1. TheOddFellow

    Nothing like an IGMC contest to get those creative juices flowing.

    Nothing like an IGMC contest to get those creative juices flowing.
  2. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    Hope things work out well for you! No rush, just support! Ps. I know how difficult an FE system is because I made a psuedo-working one in a month (not worth releasing at all...) So, good luck, man!
  3. TheOddFellow

    [MV] Get any map's height/width

    This seems... Awfully complex... Or, perhaps the answer to my question requires as such. My maps will be changing a lot, and I needed a simple way to teleport only using different maps widths and heights. Like; "$gameVariables.value()" or the like?
  4. TheOddFellow

    [MV] Get any map's height/width

    Question: How can I get the width and height of any map within my game? "$dataMap.height" and "$dataMap.width" will get the data only of the map I am currently on. I've tried using IDs in multiple ways to access data to maps I have previously made, but to no avail. I've searched a lot of...
  5. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Destiny Calls: Sacrilege

    This art. The Final Fantasy-styled name. You leave just enough mystery and potential conflict to make the game interesting, and I love how you've changed how the menu. Can't wait to try a demo.
  6. TheOddFellow

    RMMV RPG VS (VerSus)

    This looks interesting! It's like Marvel vs. Capcom, but using use Indies as a group! I love the idea!
  7. TheOddFellow

    RMMV First Video Game: No Such Thing as Heroes (Demo)

    "Link not Found" "File isn't here anymore." ... I was looking forward to playtesting this just moments ago.
  8. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    Just keep going man. You can never tell how well-received something is going to be if you stop working towards completion. Also, you'll gain skills from completion and come up with ideas to make your next project faster. I have two 1-hour games, and my second 1-hour game is significantly better...
  9. TheOddFellow

    Tags doesn't work in YEP_SmartJump

    Not really. I'll probably just script in the jumps with other events. But, thanks! I hope you're far in your game!
  10. TheOddFellow

    Tags doesn't work in YEP_SmartJump

    Really, late, but I felt I had part of an answer to your question. I am using (YEP_SmartJump v1.03) on RPG Maker 1.6.1. I marked my regions with: <Illegal Jump: 2> For Tilesets; YEP_SmartJump works strangely. On, A4 (Walls) I've marked both the top and bottom "Terrain Tag" with 2; and while...
  11. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Displaced.

    Fujimaru I know. However, I don't wish to trouble anyone until I'm quite sure I'm done with the game. RaynRayn I appreciate that! I'm having my friends playtest the game first; ideas and all that. My friend has an amazing computer, and likes to break stuff, and another of my friends heavily...
  12. TheOddFellow

    Announcement RPG Maker MV - v1.6.1 Stable Release!

    RPG Maker MV updated today, and it was the previous release (I auto-update the RPG Maker.) And F9 does not bring up variables and switches, and holding control won't let me go past walls. I *did* upload a game for my friends to playtest, and haven't brought the game up myself since then. I only...
  13. TheOddFellow

    Event Summer Map Contest Submissions Thread

    Title: The Crystalsand Lake Comments: Tasked with finding one of the best new summer hotspots, our intrepid adventurer does indeed find a clear lake surrounded by crystalsand. The only problem, is that the mountainous locale is haunted... Hah--an adventurer's day is never done. Materials Used...
  14. TheOddFellow

    Event Summer Map Contest and MV Tileset Sale!

    Ya know. I thought of that. I honestly did, but I never used the option so I discarded that idea. Thanks for the reply!
  15. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Displaced.

    Fujimaru Actually, I'm not an artist, it takes days before I'm satisfied with a bit of art I would use as reference material for someone else. I'm practicing pixel art now, but I've never done portraits. As for now, only the main character, Tania, and the antagonist, Lahan, have an official...
  16. TheOddFellow

    Event Summer Map Contest and MV Tileset Sale!

    I saw submissions with what looked like map events, but when I saved my image the map events were not saved. I kinda need to show my map events to give the full effect of what I was going for.
  17. TheOddFellow

    RMMV As a Hero

    How's the game creation so far?
  18. TheOddFellow

    Select Items, Hidden Items

    Wow! This is going to save my database! I took the plugin out for a spin between two events <SelectItemFilter:> Hooded Ophorous And the plugin was smart enough to not screw up looking for the tag without messing up or requiring a reset! And thanks for the other plugin solution, too. (Crediting...
  19. TheOddFellow

    Can't help but feel I am perpetuating a misunderstanding. The reason I asked is because my game...

    Can't help but feel I am perpetuating a misunderstanding. The reason I asked is because my game WILL BE written in English. English is my first language. I thought the rule only allowed Demos which were specifically translated into english from another language. @Archeia Wow... That's...
  20. TheOddFellow

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    Wow, the things that are done using RPG Maker... This is a great example of originality in overcoming the specs of a game engine.

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